The Definitive Guide to Swarovski Crystal Colors

We obviously adore swarovski crystals. Every one of our lines features these light-catching, price accessible findings. We spend a lot of time with them–photographing, creating bullet jewelry for our ENREVERIE line, and poring over color charts to correctly identify the colors in the lines we sell on our website. There are quite a few charts flying around, and invariably any one of them seems to be missing a color. Sometimes you are looking at a color on a necklace, and none of the color chart options seem like the right choice.

Here is our attempt to bring all the information in one place. Below you will find a list of all swarovski crystal colors. The list includes the crystal number, the name, an image (when we can find it), and any other information we think is important (like “this is a January birthstone color”). We will be constantly updating this post to keep it up to date with any changes.

We also want to make this a catch-all location for everything you’d want to know about Swarovski Crystals. My vision is for this page to link to the history of swarovski crystals, the different sizes of crystals, information about types of glues you can use, instructional videos, etc. Basically anything that would be helpful for crafters and people who make handmade jewelry.

Like I said, this will be a work in progress. I hope you find it indispensable!

Complete List of Swarovski Crystal Colors 

Number Name Photo Other (birthstone, etc)
001 Crystal  2058_001crystal_R April
001AB Crystal AB  2058_CrystalAB_001AB
001ANTP Crystal Antique Pink  2058_CrystalAntiquePink001ANTP
001BBL Crystal Bermuda Blue
001BLSH Crystal Blue Shade  2058_Crystal_Blue_Shade_001_BLSH
001BRSH Crystal Bronze Shade  2058_CrystalBronzeShade_001BRSH
001COP Crystal Copper  2058_CrystalCopper_001COP
001COS Crystal Cosmojet  2058_CrystalCosmojet_001COS
001DOR Crystal Dorado  2058_CrystalDorado_001DOR
001GSHA Crystal Golden Shadow  2058_CrystalGoldenShadow_001GSHA
001HEL Crystal Heliotrope
001LISH Crystal Lilac Shadow  2058_CrystalLilacShadow_001LISH
001LTCH Crystal Light Chrome
001LUMG Crystal Luminous Green  2058_CrystalLuminousGreen001LUMG
001MBL Crystal Meridian Blue  2058_CrystalMeridianBlue_001MBL
001METBL Crystal Metallic Blue  2058_CrystalMetallicBlue_001METBL
001METSH Crystal Metallic Sunshine
001MLGLD Crystal Metallic Light Gold  2058_CrystalMetallicLightGold_001MLGLD
001MOL Crystal Moonlight  2058_CrystalMoonlight_001MOL_1
001PARSH Crystal Paradise Shine
001REDM Crystal Red Magma  2058_CrystalRedMagma_001REDM
001ROGL Crystal Rose Gold  2058-Crystal_Rose_Gold_001_ROGL
001SAG Crystal Sage  2058_CrystalSage_001SAG
001SINI Crystal Silver Night  2058_CrystalSilverNight_001SINI
001SSHA Crystal Silver Shade  2058_CrystalSilverShade_001SSHA
001TAB Crystal Tabac  2058_CrystalTabac_001TAB
001VOL Crystal Volcano  2058_CrystalVolcano_001VOL
202 Aquamarine  2058_Aquamarine_202 March
202AB Aquamarine AB  2058_AquamarineAB_202AB
203 Topaz  2058_Topaz_203 November
203AB Topaz AB  2058_TopazAB_203AB
204 Amethyst  2058_Amethyst_204 February
205 Emerald  2058_Emerald_205 May
206 Sapphire  2058_Sapphire_206 September
206AB Sapphire AB  2058_SapphireAB_206AB
206SAT Sapphire Satin
207 Montana  2058_Montana_207
208 Siam  2058_Siam_208 January
209 Rose  2058_Rose_209 October
209AB Rose AB  2058_RoseAB_209AB
211 Light Sapphire  2058_LightSapphire_211 December
211AB Light Sapphire Iridescent
212 Light Amethyst  2058_LightAmethyst_212 June
213 Jonquil  2058_Jonquil_213
213AB Jonquil AB  2058_JonquilAB_213AB
213SAT Jonquil Satin
214 Peridot  2058_Peridot_214 August
214AB Peridot AB  2058_PeridotAB_214AB
215 Black Diamond  2058_BlackDiamond_215
220 Smoked Topaz  2058_SmokedTopaz_220
220SAT Smoked Topaz Satin
223 Light Rose  2058_LightRose_223
223AB Light Rose AB  2058_LightRose_223AB
226 Light Topaz  2058_LightTopaz_226
227 Light Siam  2058_LightSiam_227
227AB Light Siam AB  2058_LightSiamAB_227AB
227SAT Light Siam Satin
228 Olivine  2058_Olivine_228
229 Blue Zircon  2058_BlueZircon_229
229SAT Blue Zircon Satin
234 White Opal  2058_WhiteOpal_234
234SBL White Opal Sky Blue
236 Hyacinth  2058_Hyacinth_236
237 Fireopal  2058_Fireopal_237
238 Chrysolite  2058_Chrysolite_238
243 Capri Blue  2058_CapriBlue_243
246 Light Colorado Topaz  2058_LightColoradoTopaz_246
248 Sun  2058_Sun_248
249 Citrine  2058_Citrine_249
257 Blush Rose
259 Tangerine
260 Dark Moss Green  2058_DarkGreenMoss_260
261 Light Silk  2058_Light_Silk_261
262 Rose Peach  2058_RosePeach262
263 Light Turquoise  2058_Light_Turquoise_263
266 Denim Blue  2058_DenimBlue266
277 Purple Velvet  2058_PurpleVelvet_277
279 Chalkwhite
280 Jet  2058_Jet_280
280AB Jet AB
280HEM Jet Hematite  2058_JetHematite_280HEM
280NUT Jet Nut  2058_JetNut_280NUT
283 Provence Lavender  2058_ProvenceLavender_283
284 Greige  2058_Greige_284
285 Air Blue Opal  2058_AirBlueOpal_285
286 Mocca  2058_Mocca_286
287 Sand Opal  2058_SandOpal_287
288 Dark Indigo  dark indigo swarovski crystal
289 Indian Pink  indian pink swarovski crystal
291 Fern Green  fern green swarovski crystal
292 Sunflower  sunflower swarovski crystal
294 Chrysolite Opal  chrysolite opal swarovski crystal
308 Dark Siam  dark siam swarovski crystal
319 Vintage Rose  vintage rose swarovski crystal
327 Indian Siam  indian siam swarovski crystal
360 Erinite  erinite swarovski crystal
362 Light Peach  light peach swarovski crystal
362AB Light Peach AB
369 Cobalt  cobalt swarovski crystal
383 Light Grey Opal  light grey opal swarovski crystal
390 Pacific Opal  pacific opal swarovski crystal
391 Silk  silk swarovski crystal
393 Palace Green Opal  palace green opal swarovski crystal
394 Caribbean Blue Opal  caribbean blue opal swarovski crystal
395 Rose Opal
396 Purple Opal
397 Mint Alabaster
398 Cyclamen Opal  cyclamen opal swarovski crystal
501 Ruby  ruby swarovski crystal July
502 Fuchsia  fuchsia swarovski crystal
515 Burgundy  burgundy swarovski crystal
539 Tanzanite  tanzanite swarovski crystal
542 Padparadscha  padparascha swarovski crystal
550 Khaki  khaki swarovski crystal