Susan Shaw Jewelry Spotlight

I recently came across a stunning jewelry line that we just had to carry: Susan Shaw Jewelry!


susan shaw coin earrings

I can’t believe it took this long to discover them! Susan Shaw has been making stunning jewelry for over 20 years. All Susan Shaw pieces are hand-cast–you can see the texture in each piece. Rather than a stale, smooth piece of jewelry, each pendant has waves and edges that catch the light in really beautiful ways! The pieces are handmade to order–not mass produced.


These high quality pieces have a european-style character. Common motifs are greek crosses (the ones that have an equal length on all sides), italian coinage, and textured, venetian glass pieces.


My personal favorites are the coin necklaces with the chunky gold chains. What a cool statement! The level of detail in the coins is just marvelous. The two-tone design really makes the coin stand out, too! Note that these are not actual coins, but rather are inspired by historical designs. You can see that the coins even have latin script on them! They also imitate the stamped, bas relief texture of real coins, with raised script and raised portraits.

susan shaw jewelry coin necklace

The venetian glass intaglios are a standout for the Susan Shaw Jewelry line as well. Many of the glass pieces feature animal or religious iconography. This blue venetian glass cross is a great example! They also have pieces which feature bees, horses and more! I have stock of all these designs, I’ll be sure to take pictures and add them to the site soon as well! They also feature a number of sea life designs, perfect for all the lovers of the ocean out there! Wow, this is making me want to take a trip to the beach!

susan shaw glass cross earrings

All pieces are handcast and plated in 24k gold, or sterling silver. I would recommend the gold! They also use cotton pearls and freshwater pearls, chosen carefully for their aesthetic quality.