Review: Michal Golan Gold Evil Eye Bracelet

One of my favorite designers we carry is Michal Golan jewelry. What you’re seeing in this video is one of the items they produce. Michal Golan is an Israeli company, and the pieces they make are deeply steeped in this heritage. Their items tend to have traditional designs. This is an evil eye bracelet; historically the evil eye bracelet was meant to represent that you could wear as protection from evil. Michal Golan’s pieces are very ornate and detailed and inspired by a mosaic-theme. They pull from ancient influences. If you were to look at Ancient Byzantine art or Hebrew art, you would see a lot of the spirit in those old designs in Michal Golan’s timeless pieces.

This bracelet has a leather strap, which measures between 6.5 to 7.5 inches depending on which ring you put the clasp on. It has clear swarovski crystal forming a mosaic around the eye, and then a large clear swarovski crystal as the pupil in the center. And then it has a golden enamel covering the rest of the eye.

Each piece is handmade, so there’s a little individuality and uniqueness to each one, much like you might see in a mosaic in the past. It’s designed to be not quite perfect, and that gives a very personal character to each piece. Every Michal Golan item has a branded charm. The gold for many Michal Golan bracelets are slightly distressed, so it looks more like an ancient piece. It’s not exactly a bronze color, but the gold has been antiqued slightly.
This bracelet is 54.95, so its a very inexpensive way to add something truly unique to your jewelry collection. This is a very showy piece and its the kind of piece that has a story behind it. This is a piece that people will want to know about.