Review: Mariana Silver Hamsa Hand Necklace

Below is a transcript of my review. Let’s start off with a confession: I sure don’t feel like a natural with these! Honestly I feel nervous every time I sit down to do a review. That’s partly why I feel I need to do them anyway. The other reason is I want you to have as much opportunity to engage with our products as possible. If you get a chance to see these pieces up close, I know you will fall in love with them. So here they are, up close. Enjoy!


Hi everyone, this is Kyle from Today I have a review of a beautiful Mariana necklace that we carry on our site. This is a cluster necklace that they make. It has a very long chain with an extender to it. It’s silver plated, and here you’ll see the centerpiece is part of their Guardian Angel collection. The centerpiece is their standard guardian angel flower, and then below it has a hoop that carries a few charms on it. This complex one on the left is called a Hamsa hand. It’s a traditional Jewish symbol that is pretty common; you can look it up online to see what it’s all about. And on the right is a heart with a Star of David symbol on it. And then just a little Swarovski crystal dangle there in the center.

The item is composed entirely of Swarovski crystals, and the colors they use are Crystal Dorado–that’s the gold looking color that goes around the hand. They use an Aquamarine, and a more reflective aquamarine color–looks like Sapphire Aurore Boreale. And then there’s up in the flower what looks like Light Colorado Topaz. So you have a nice, soft collection of colors: a lot of neutral tones with the topaz and teal blue, which fits with some of the popular colors that are a part of Fall 2015. So this is a good piece to get for the Fall to have a lot of colors that Pantone suggests.

Like I said, this is all sterling silver plated. It’s a great piece, not too heavy but it’s definitely a sturdy piece of jewelry that’s not going to break on you. You can check this out and many other pieces at The brand is Mariana, so just visit and check out our Mariana collections. Thank you and have a great day!