Review: Lizzy Js Silver Bullet Earrings

Below is a transcript of my review. Let’s start off with a confession: I sure don’t feel like a natural with these! Honestly I feel nervous every time I sit down to do a review. That’s partly why I feel I need to do them anyway. The other reason is I want you to have as much opportunity to engage with our products as possible. If you get a chance to see these pieces up close, I know you will fall in love with them. So here they are, up close. Enjoy!


lizzy js silver bullet earrings review

Hey folks, this is Kyle from with another product review. Today I’m reviewing Lizzy Js bullet earrings. These earrings are taken from spent bullet rounds–that means bullet rounds that have been fired out of a gun. What Lizzy Js does is cut off the excess on the casing, and then they plate the whole thing with silver, and it gives this nice, shiny, pretty effect. Normally bullets can be nickel plated, which might cause allergies for some people, so these would be great for people who might need to buy only hypoallergenic jewelry.

You can see on the back that the plating goes all the way through, and these earrings are posts. They’re pretty lightweight, they’re a little bit front heavy, so some people might find them a little bit bigger or a little bit heavier than they expected, but they’re not too bad. The bullets are completely random, so if you bought a pair of these from they might have a different stamp. They might say Winchester or R-P or something different. They’re 40 smith and wesson bullets, and what Lizzy Js does is they put a little Swarovski Crystal right in the center of them–it’s a really cute, interesting idea to put a crystal there, and it fits in really nicely, like it was made to go there.

If you’re interested in these, check them out at our site, we have a bunch of them. We sell these gold plated, we have some that do not have the crystals and some that do, and we have a lot of other things like necklaces and bangle bracelets that have the same concept. So check them out! Just look up Lizzy Js when you go to and you can see everything we have to offer. Thanks so much, have a great day!