Review: Lizzy Js Bangle Bracelet

lizzy js gold cuff bullet bracelet

Below is a transcript of my review of this Lizzy J’s bracelet. Let’s start off with a confession: I sure don’t feel like a natural with reviews! Honestly I feel nervous every time I sit down to do one. That’s partly why I feel I need to do them anyway. The other reason is I want you to haveĀ as much opportunity to engage with our product as possible. If you get a chance to see these pieces up close, I know you will fall in love with them. So here they are, up close. Enjoy!


Hi Folks, Kyle here from with another product review. Today we’re reviewing a piece of jewelry from Lizzy Js–we’ve reviewed them before. This is a bangle bracelet that they make. If you haven’t seen the earlier review, Lizzy Js makes bullet jewelry. They’ll take shotgun shells or pistol shells and they’ll plate them in gold or silver, then put them on some kind of jewelry.

So the one we’ve got here is made from 12 gauge bullet shells that have been shot out of a gun. They take the bullet shells and they cut off everything but the tip, then they solder them to this really cute bangle bracelet, and then they plate everything in gold. It’s very sturdy and a little heavy, but it’s a really beautiful piece. It’s very showy, it stands out, and it would work really well with stacking on other bullet bracelets, or any other bangles you may have.

Here’s a couple different angles [on the video]. You can take a look at what the back of it looks like. I love these bangles. They’re just so creative, such a cool idea from Lizzy Js. We sell a lot of their stuff on our website, which again is you should go check it out and see all the Lizzy Js products we carry!