Review: AppleLatte Gold Fox Ring

Below is a transcript of my review. Let’s start off with a confession: I sure don’t feel like a natural with these! Honestly I feel nervous every time I sit down to do a review. That’s partly why I feel I need to do them anyway. The other reason is I want you to haveĀ as much opportunity to engage with our products as possible. If you get a chance to see these pieces up close, I know you will fall in love with them. So here they are, up close. Enjoy!


trendy fox ring

Hey folks, this is Kyle from Enreverie. Today I want to review a piece of jewelry from AppleLatte. We carry a lot of their items. AppleLatte specializes in really dainty modern jewelry. The item I really want to focus on today is this gold plated fox ring. In 2015 there are a lot of fashion styles with animal themes, and this ring fits perfectly with that. Its an adjustable ring, so it doesn’t matter what size finger you have. The band has some good give to it. It has a fox’s head on it, a tail to wrap around for the band, and it looks so cute on a finger. It’s a really great piece.

It’s offered at a really good price on our website, so you should really check it out and pick it up. I would also suggest you take a look at the other AppleLatte things we carry. It’s avery trendy line, so a lot of the styles you see in magazines this year–things like stackable rings, dainty jewelry, geometric designs, chevrons–AppleLatte makes a lot of that stuff, and we carry it all on our website at a really good price. Check it out at, and have a great day!