Review: Anne Koplik Dragonfly Earrings

Hi folks, in this post we are going to feature a piece of jewelry from Anne Koplik. I’ll tell you a little about Anne Koplik jewelry to begin. Every single piece is handmade in the United States. They have a lot of interesting styles, but if i had to sum up Anne Koplik with a few overarching ideas i would say Anne Koplik is strongly influenced by 1920s art deco. You maybe can’t quite see that in this piece, but in general when you look at Anne Koplik pieces you get the impression that you are in the 1920s.
They make a lot of jewelry that is wonderful for brides and bridesmaids, and they also have a collection of jewelry that is nature themed. Thats what you’re looking at right now. Anne Koplik has a lot of dragonfly jewelry, as well as other themes like butterflies and vines, but I would say their most famous jewelry is the dragonfly line. This is awesome because dragonflies are IN for 2015! You’re going to see a lot more nature themes in summer of 2015 and purchasing some Anne Koplik jewelry is a great way to get a jump on the trends!
if you look at the video you can see its made in the US and it’s nickel and lead free. In general their dragonfly earrings are going to retail somewhere in between 25 dollars and 35 dollars, so they’re very easy to get and start a collection. The one you’re looking at here is gold plated, and it uses 22k gold plating over brass metal.
This piece has swarovski crystals, and the colors used for this one are pretty interesting. What you’re seeing on the wings and on the tail is a crystal color called volcano, one of those colors that changes a lot depending on what angle you look at. They’re very cool! When you look at the edge they’re greenish yellow, but if you look at the top it turns into a deep deep purple with just a suggestion of orange. The middle crystal is silk, and on the inside of the wings you see sapphire aurore boreale crystals, which are very reflective.
This is a beautiful set of earrings, and we sell these and a lot of other dragonfly earrings at So please come visit our site and see Anne Koplik’s nature jewelry, and also their other pieces!