Q&A: Should You Shower With Your Engagement Ring On?

shower with engagement ring

I would probably take it off.

Here are some of the issues:

1. Losing your ring. Showers are slippery things. Once your hands have soap all over them, your ring spins around. It’s loose. It doesn’t take too much carelessness in a daily routine for that ring to fly off your finger and down the drain. Note: do not take your ring off in the bathroom! There are just too many things it can fall into!

2. Pulling your hair. If you have curly hair or a ring that’s tall and angular, it’s really easy for your ring to catch a hair and tug! Not comfy!

3. Buildup of grime. Soap and shampoo collects in the crevices of your ring when you shower. You can get all these little nooks cleaned out, but why let your ring get gross in the first place?

4. Chemicals on your ring. Probably not an issue for platinum and diamonds, but if you have something like an opal or a pearl on your ring, all the water and shampoos and soaps may discolor your ring or make it spotty.

5. Loose stones. Ok, you’re not throwing your precious ring against barbells or anything, but the close quarters could put your ring at risk of a little more bumping than normal. A loose prong or two and your diamond could be down the drain.


If you want to wear your ring all the time, then wear it in the shower and be careful. Many women prefer to take it off, however. Pro tip: leave your ring in a dish while you get ready in the morning and put it back on when you’re done. But be sure to store your diamonds separately! Diamonds can scratch other stones and metals.

Thanks for reading!

[photo courtesy ilovebutter]