Pantone Spring 2016 Colors


With the coming of Fashion Week, Pantone has revealed their color palette for Spring of 2016! This year’s theme: A Transporting and Transformative Canvas.

So what’s that mean? NATURE! With a little bit of city. Seriously, that’s the best way I can think to describe it. Take a look at the colors below.

pantone spring 2016 colors

The first to catch my eye: a green that looks like grass, a yellow that looks like sunshine, and blues that look like sky and water! This is seriously my kindergarten color palette. To this we add some neutrals, a city grey and a starbucks brown, and then a red with some vavoom.

This palette brings some much needed brightness to our future jewelry and wardrobes. In my Fall 2015 color report I wrote about the understated, pensive color palette. But as I drove around and looked at the vibrant, popping leaves dotting the trees, or instagram posts of apple picking and harvest festivals and the bold colors of Halloween costumes, I felt like the Fall palette was just too DRAB for everything I was seeing around me. Fall isn’t a funereal procession, it’s the best season of the year!

Spring 2016’s color palette is still fairly neutral. Almost every color is a soft version of its original. Look at Iced Coffee, it’s a coffee with a LOT of milk in it! Rose Quartz is a pink that you might see through fog. In fact, I like my milk and coffee reference earlier–Spring 2016’s colors almost all have a big dollop of milk in them.

I really like the tip of the hat to the primary colors in this set. There is something youthful and energetic about the red-yellow-blue of the bold colors of 2016. Here’s what Pantone says about Spring 2016’s colors: “Paying homage to the beauty of natural resources, colors emerging in the Spring collections serve as vehicles that transport wearers to more tranquil, mindful environs which encourage relaxation first, followed by curiosity and exploration.”

It’s grass green and sun yellow! Yay!

Below, as always, I’ll show you how to wear this Spring’s colors with our jewelry collections. Click on the picture to see the product. And I’ll help you with the color combinations too!


Rose Quartz

mariana rose quartz earrings

mariana rose quartz necklace

mariana rose quartz bracelet

This is a very easy color to incorporate into your look, because you can use some of your Fall carryovers! Fall 2015’s Cashmere Rose is a slightly smokier version of this Spring’s bright, happy Rose Quartz, but still very similar. I love the combination of rose quartz and green flash, like in the dagger necklace above. Pink and green = fields of flowers! Combining this color with lilac grey is a sure bet, too. Very understated, but just wonderful!


Peach Echo

hummingbird peach echo ring

anne koplik peach echo earrings

Seriously, could you get a more perfect ring for this Spring? The peach echo and lilac grey flower above represents everything about this season–a return to nature and soft, soothing colors. The dragonflies above are a great way to incorporate nature elements into your spring look. Need some other colors to work with? Try wearing these with lilac grey and rose quartz.


mariana serenity earrings

mariana serenity necklace

Just lovely. Serenity brings a little of the fogginess of Fall into the Spring collection. The Mariana earrings above remind me of a harbor on a chilly morning. This color is so versatile. Want to go with the foggy theme, add lilac grey and rose quartz. Wear this color with peach echo and fiesta if you want to liven it up!


Snorkel Blue

mariana earrings snorkel blue

mariana snorkel blue necklace

I like when blue shows its strength, and the snorkel blue color does it. This color is vibrant! This color works as a great statement for an otherwise neutral clothing set. It pairs well with rose quartz and lilac grey. Also look to wear this with nautical themes–it’s what the color is all about, right?

Limpet Shell

la vie parisienne limpet shell earrings

la vie limpet shell earrings 2

marlyn schiff limpet shell earrings

La Vie Parisienne has a number of earrings that use the color Limpet Shell. This is one of the ocean-themed colors in Pantone’s 2016 report. Match it up with Snorkel Blue and you are ready for a beach vacation! Haha but seriously, that is a good combination. Also throw in Fiesta to this combination, and you get a look that begins to incorporate some South American influence–totally on point for this Spring!


Lilac Grey

mariana lilac grey earrings

mariana lilac grey bracelet

Lilac grey seems to be the most versatile neutral in Spring 2016’s color set. See how it uses other colors to create a theme without being overpowering. The bracelet above is ¬†perfect example–you have light blues and an almost-yellow working together to make a lovely palette. Seriously, mix lilac grey with almost any of the other colors on this list.



mariana fiesta earrings

mariana fiesta ring

It’s time to party! Fiesta is such a fun color, and one of the few bold colors of Spring 2016. It works GREAT with hispanic-inspired designs, like this Spanish roundel ring above. My guess is this color will work great with beaded designs this season too! Need a color to mix it with? Try snorkel blue or rose quartz.


Iced Coffee

house of harlow iced coffee earrings

house of harlow iced coffee necklace

liz palacios iced coffee earrings

The name says it all–iced coffee. This is a neutral very much in the spirit of Fall 2015. Wear it with some rose quartz, like the stud earrings above!


Green Flash

liz palacios green flash earrings

liz palacios green flash earrings 2

The springiest of ¬†Pantone’s Spring 2016 colors, green flash is just plain fun. I’d encourage you to go all out with the boldness on this one. Fiesta Red, Buttercup, all of the loud colors of this palette. This is a color for shouting “Spring is Here!”

We like FashionTimes’ quick synopsis of each color, and of course Pantone’s full report! What color are you most excited about wearing this Spring?