Pantone Fall 2015 Fashion Color Report

pantone fall 2015 fashion color report

The Pantone Fall 2015 fashion color report is in! This year, the color palette features tons of earthy neutrals, a few tips of the hat to 60s retro colors, and of course Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year.

It really is a dramatic swatch. I know some people feel this season is too “earthy” and “boring,” and more power to them. I personally like the subtle accents that this season is bringing. I am tired of all the neon, electric colors contrasted against black and white that have been popular in young, modern clothing styles for the past few years. Especially the blue. Bleck. Electric blue has got to go.

These colors convey a certain maturity and composure. They are still, pensive colors, a break from the boldness I expect we’ll see in 2016. When Pantone announced Marsala as the color of the year, they said it all–2015 is going to calm the heck down.

Here are some pieces in our collections you can pick up to take advantage of this year’s fall colors.

Oak Buff/Reflecting Pond: Mariana Cross and Heart Necklace

mariana fall pantone colors 2015

This Mariana necklace has soft khakis that perfectly capture the spirit of Pantone’s Oak Buff and Dried Herb neutrals. Reserved but beautiful, they represent the poetry of falling leaves and cooling seasons. The centerpiece color is a denim that is just like Pantone’s Reflecting Pond–it bring a deep, pensive blue that perfectly accents the Oak Buff like a lake on a Fall midday. The gold-plating of the piece conveys a Fall richness, and the cross and heart charms are reminders of some of our most meaningful, cherished symbols. This necklace has a long, drapey chain, perfect for this years fashion of longer necklaces.


Desert Sage: Liz Palacios Shimmer Grey Drop Earrings

liz palacios pantone 2015 color earrings


These earrings capture the spirit of Dried Herb and Desert Sage perfectly! A grey with a hint of green to it, this color is earthy and understated. It’s like the sea under morning light. Desert Sage is a great neutral to use as your base color for all sorts of combinations in this Fall’s color line. It pairs well with other neutrals (like the clear crystals on the earrings above), but it also works fantastic with one of the bolder colors on the palette, like Amethyst Orchid. These Liz Palacios earrings use an antique gold plating to emphasize the neutral character. We have TONS of this color in our store, just do a search for Shimmer Grey.


Dried Herb/Desert Sage/Stormy Weather: Michal Golan Atlantis Collection

michal golan atlantis fall 2015 earrings

This is a love relationship that was just meant to be! These earrings represent the beauty of Fall 2015’s neutrals like they were picked directly from the playbook. Pick anything from Michal Golan’s Atlantis collection to get this spirit–although the ones with cat’s eye like the earrings above are going to hit it off best. The antiqued gold plating Michal Golan uses finishes the effect. This combo is like cool sand between your feet. It’s like Boston harbor just as the leaves change, like drinking coffee while overlooking a New England bay. Below I’ll include more from this collection so you can supplement the look!

michal golan atlantis necklace


michal golan atlantis ring fall 2015 color

Stormy Weather/Desert Sage: Anne Koplik Square Art Deco Necklace

anne koplik pantone 2015 necklace

Pantone’s Fall colors are chock full of references to the revolutionary decades, and here is the perfect tip of the hat to the Roaring 20s. Anne Koplik’s art deco-inspired pieces are lovely any season, but this necklace combines the soft comforting tones of Desert Sage and Stormy Weather just wonderfully. The neutral shades make this necklace wearable with so many different colors. And the geometric shapes give this necklace a look that is vintage, yet modern with the revival of geometric shapes in this year’s trends. I’d be crazy not to include the matching earrings below:

anne koplik pantone colors 2015 earrings

Amethyst Orchid/Biscay Bay: Mariana Happiness Collection

mariana bracelet pantone fall 2015

Fall 2015 is far from dull. Show off two of this year’s energetic tones with pieces from Mariana’s Happiness collection. The purples in this collection, like Amethyst Orchid, are invigorating and expressive. The solid turquoise colors bring out the same qualities as Biscay Bay–a middle ground between soothing blue and energetic green. These are Fall’s “pop” colors. The bracelet above in silver draws the attention to the swarovski crystals, and this particular bracelet has big gems to showcase the complexity of the colors. Below are some more pieces in the same collection so you can create a matching set.

mariana pantone fall 2015 earrings

mariana pantone fall 2015 necklace purple

mariana pantone fall 2015 bracelet happiness


Biscay Bay: Mariana Angelica Earrings

mariana angelica biscay bay earringsThese Marianna earrings capture the heart of Biscay Bay perfectly. I’m glad that Pantone chose a blue with some spirit to complement the earthy colors of this season, especially since it’s so much easier to choose a color that is naturally vibrant like red, orange or yellow. These earrings have pizazz!


Cashmere Rose: ENREVERIE Bullet Earrings

pantone fall 2015 colors bullet earrings

Wow, talk about a statement! 60s inspired Cashmere Rose with a 38 bullet casing. This proudly displays femininity, southern charm, and a vintage era of freedom. We love how the cut of the swarovski crystal pops countless shades of soft pinks, and the silver color of the bullet leaves the crystal to be the centerpiece. Love!

If you would like to see examples of these colors in apparel, Tamar Najarian of Fashionisers has put together an amazingly detailed post with runway shots and descriptions of the colors. Also, for a quick descrip of Pantone’s take on each of the colors, I heartily recommend this post from FashionTimes.

Thanks for reading this far, I know it was a long one. I just wanted to display all the options this color palette provides for jewelry. It really is an interesting color set–neutral but by no means boring! Hope you like some of the items I’ve curated above–please tell me what you think about this Fall’s color palette in the comments below!