Our 10 Favorite Jewelry Sellers on Etsy

I see a lot of jewelry in a day. From design to research to purchasing to trade shows, it’s really easy to see what’s popular, and uncover more amazing finds than we could possibly buy (for business or personal!).

I love Etsy. I buy a lot of gifts there. I use it for stress relief. I use it for some of the materials in our ENREVERIE line. And there are so many creative jewelry artists on the site! Honestly it makes me feel a little insecure, because I know I’ll never have the basic artistic talent that most of the people on the site have. I do consider myself a creative person…but my hands just aren’t that skillful.

I want to list our 10 favorite jewelry sellers on Etsy (in no particular order). This is by no means of a complete list, but I just want to advertise and celebrate these CRAZY GOOD artists, and hopefully expose you to some jewelry you haven’t seen before!

1. Lost Apostle

heart jewelry

Whoa, talk about edgy and unique! The first item I saw by Lost Apostle was this anatomical heart pendant. Hearts are such a common symbol in jewelry, so seeing it flipped over to the “real thing” is just…visceral and cool! The pieces look like they have “heft” to them. Quality pieces that were painstakingly carved. I like the black oxidized finish in the details of their items too, which give the pieces a sense of depth, and shows off the details.


2. Freshy Fig

freshy fig bib necklace

Freshy Fig is my favorite vintage jewelry shop on Etsy. Many of their pieces are found from jewelry liquidations. Others are actually recast from vintage designs. Many of their pieces are very ornate and flowery, and they sell tons of lockets. The Bib necklaces pictured above are from the 1960s–I love the orange flowers and the simplicity of the design.


3. Sleepy Mountain

sleepy mountain pizza earrings

PIZZA EARRINGS!! Two of my favorite things mixed into one. Sleepy Mountain’s earrings are visual art–a medium I hold very dear. Each design is drawn by the artist and then printed on a medium. The earrings are meant to be cute and funny, and get people to say “whoa”! They have headshots of tv and movie characters, aliens, teeth–just weird, fun stuff!


4. Frosted Willow

frosted willow leaf bracelet

Frosted Willow is all about bangles. Most of their pieces are a signature style of thin metal wire and a larger charm or frontpiece. The items stack well, and apparently they are the first company to design bracelets with this thin metal design! They have tons of customizable pieces, and you can’t beat their price points.


5. ESDesigns

esdesigns water rings

Elizabeth Scott’s art is inspired by nature. She uses botanical themes in most of her work, and there is a calm, meditative quality to the line. The stackable rings above are inspired by water–each ring has 1-4 water droplets. I think the effect here is beautiful. Another favorite: her birch bark ring–wow! She uses a variety of metals, and for many of her pieces she takes castings of items found in nature. Lovely.


6. SpottedDogAsheville

SpottedDogAsheville resin ring

Truly striking. SpottedDogAsheville handmakes each piece with real botanicals and eco-resin. Every step of her process is designed to be sustainable and earth-responsible, and the effect of her pieces are just…wow. The ring above is made with red baby’s breath. She makes pendants, rings, bangles and earrings, in a variety of shapes.


7. Clementine

clementine gem necklace

Clementine uses gemstones, diamonds and fine metals to create a line that is dainty and luxurious. Their showcase of stackable rings are gorgeous, their simple gemstone bracelets adorable. Check out their rings!


8. BirdzNbeez

birdznbeez owl necklace

BirdzNbeez is a line of locket necklaces that are just gorgeous. They remind me of antique silver pocketwatches–all ornate and full of filigree. It looks like the line uses silver or silver plate, and the pieces have some oxidation in areas to show detail. At first I was concerned about how much they weigh, but then I saw that the pendants aren’t actually as big as they look in the images. Kinda like cereal–enlarged to show detail!


9. Rachel Pfeffer Designs

rachel pfeffer honeycomb earrings

Rachel Pfeffer has some pieces that are just plain beautiful, and others that are just plain fun. In the fun department, her pizza earrings are the best. She has an oxidized evil eye ring that is super unique. I love her spiral earrings, and of course the honeycomb designs!


10. DistinctlyIvy


Personalized, and SO CUTE! I love this hand-stamped necklace pictured above, and it is so affordable. DistinctlyIvy seems to have personalized items for anyone imaginable–from tennis players to nurses, even tags for dogs! I adore all the cute little charms and the mixed metal designs.


I hope you enjoyed these reviews, and found some great jewelry you’ve never seen before! Please let me know if you want me to do more stuff like this. Have a great week!