New Designs from Lizzy Js Jewelry!

It’s so hard to find a gift that is really unique, that you can be sure someone will love. Lizzy Js is one of my favorite lines, because it makes such a wild gift. I mean, what a conversation piece–bullets in your ears!


We have carried Lizzy Js for years, and I am so happy to announce that they have released tons of new designs that I absolutely love! If you just want to take a look at them and not listen to me blab anymore, you can find our Lizzy Js jewelry here. If you don’t know anything about Lizzy Js yet, they take bullets that have been fired out of a gun (call them “spent rounds” if you want to speak the lingo), and make them into jewelry. They do this by sawing off some of the bullet shell, plating them in precious metals, then gettin their design on!

lizzy js french wire earrings

The bullet jewelry comes in all different forms–earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings. They use shotgun shells and 40 caliber┬ábullets to make their pieces, and I believe they use Remington bullets for everything.

lizzy js bullet bracelet

Each piece has Lizzy Js signature style–gold or silver plated bullets with Swarovski crystals as accents. Because of this, it’s super easy to match pieces together.

lizzy js vintage bullet necklace

They also carry their pieces in a “vintage” finish, giving the piece a more rugged, distressed look in either gold or silver. This is a slightly more casual look that works great for everyday wear.

lizzy js shotgun bracelet

I can think of so many friends on my own holiday list that would love a Lizzy Js piece for Christmas! Think about this for a memorable gift if you have anyone in your life that would call themselves cowgirl, southern belle, or gun nut!

lizzy j's bullet ring

Anyway, this is just a quick snapshot of a few of the fun pieces we’ve gotten in recently. Hope you like them! Tell us what you think of Lizzy J’s jewelry in the comments!