My Saint My Hero – Announcing a New Line!

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Hi everyone! Today I am happy to spotlight a new jewelry line: My Saint My Hero! my saint my hero white braceletMy Saint My Hero was founded by Amy D’Ambra and Christina Rich. Seeking to create a different kind of jewelry brand, they took to prayer and were inspired to create a line of jewelry that reminded its wearer that every part of life is sacred. They believe that prayer is a powerful thing, and that it is good to remind others of the blessings of life at all times.


All bracelets are handwoven in the small pilgrimage town of Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. These areas have been historically torn apart by war, and My Saint My Hero offers meaningful work to artisans in this area, who would normally find it very difficult to make a living.


It is so inspiring to read about these artisans! My Saint My Hero has a page where the artisans share some of their stories, and it is beautiful to see how they help each other out, how they invite others in to work who are in need, how they overflow with happiness in their writing. One artisan, Jasna, writes about how at the end of each week, they take holy water and bless the whole group of bracelets. It’s so rare for people to be this happy when faced with difficulties most of us can’t imagine. I love the unique vision of My Saint My Hero.


Here’s a link to the blog with the artisans:


Each bracelet comes on a card with an inspirational message. my saint my hero serenity bracelet

The bracelets feature medals dipped in Gold or Silver, with symbols historically connected with divine protection. All medals are made in Italy. my saint my hero blue bracelet The bracelets come on handwoven cording with a sliding slipknot for an easy fit. 9.5” when fully opened. My Saint My Hero jewelry aims to serve as constant reminders of purpose, hope and inspiration.

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You can see all our My Saint My Hero pieces here.