Michal Golan Jewelry: Spring 2015 Collections

Michal Golan’s Jewelry’s Spring Collection features 4 styles in their recognizable handmade style. These pieces are just fantastic. My personal favorite is the Earth collection–but that’s probably just because I’m a turquoise junkie. I think the combination of turquoise and carnelian is a pretty striking color combination, and the black enamel makes it pop. Here are all the collection styles:


Michal Golan Earth Collection

The Earth collection is inspired by Tribal Art. It contains hand-drawn motifs and symbols to create a native, primitive look with contemporary fashion sense and beauty.

African Turquoise, Carnelian

Brass electroplated with 24k gold


michal golan earth earrings


michal golan rectangle earth earrings


Michal Golan Adobe Collection

The Adobe Collection is inspired by the colors of New Mexico and Arizona, with the blue skies, reddish brown rocks, and adobe houses. It’s made of Brass Electroplated with 24k Gold, Enamel, Crystals, and Glass Beads. This collection looks great with denim.

Glass Cabochons, Swarovski Crystals

Brass electroplated with 24k gold

michal golan adobe earrings



Michal Golan Constellation Collection

The Constellation Collection is sparkly and feminine. It is inspired by the color of the moon and stars. It’s made of Brass and White Metal Electroplated with 24k Gold, Glass Cabochons, and Swarovski Crystals. It will look great with a t-shirt, as well as with a dressy outfit.

Multicolor Fresh Water Pearls, Swarovski Crystals

Brass electroplated with 24k gold

michal golan constellation earrings


michal golan round pearl earrings

michal golan heart earrings


Michal Golan Champagne Collection

The Champagne Collection has Freshwater Pearl and Crystal clusters which create a soft, pastel texture that can enhance any Spring/Summer outfit. It is inspired by champagne’s soft, beautiful bubbles.

Glass Cabochons, Swarovski Crystals

Brass electroplated with 24k gold

michal golan champagne earrings

michal golan round champagne earrings



These collections just blow me away! Michal Golan Jewelry puts attention into each line to create something truly modern and wearable, yet always true to its core.