Mariana’s Spring 2016 Collection: Sneak Peek

It’s strange to think about Spring in December when the cold is just starting to set in, but Mariana has been planning for Spring while we’re all getting our Christmas shopping done and planning the family dinner! They have started releasing a few sneak peeks on their Facebook page. Here’s what we know so far about the Mariana Jewelry Spring 2016 Collection:


Mariana’s Spring 2016 Collection is Called “Cocktail Hour”

mariana 2016 collection cocktail hour

The colors in Spring 2016’s collection will center around themes of different colorful cocktail drinks! Cheers!


Color Style: Periwinkle

mariana spring 2016 periwinkle

Mariana describes periwinkle as representing serenity and calmness. Also called lavendar blue, this color is similar to one of Pantone’s 2 colors of 2016, also called serenity. This will be color collection # 1343, and will feature colors like Pale Blue, Frosted Blue, Aurora Boreale and Aqua Blue. They will plate this in silver, gold, antique gold or black.


Color Style: Mojito

mariana spring 2016 mojito

Mariana’s Mojito color collection will feature Turquoise mineral, Carribean Blue and Chrysolite Opal swarovski crystal. They describe this collection as reminiscent of “spring grasses and clear blue skies.” This will be plated in silver, with color collection #1065.


Color Style Moondrops Will Return

mariana spring 2016 moondrops

Mariana color Moondrops (#216-3) will be returning for Spring 2016. Moondrops pieces feature colors like Grey, Light Blue, Amber and Colorado Topaz. These will be plated in silver.


Color Style: Pina Colada

mariana spring 2016 pina colada

Mariana describes their new color Pina Colada as “fresh as a field of Spring flowers!” Pina Colada will be color #1063, and features Clear, Light Amethyst, Pink, White and Pacific Opal.


Color Style: Purple Rain

mariana spring 2016 purple rain

Mariana describes the color purple as representing “wealth, creativity, wisdom, mystery, peace, devotion and magic.” Purple Rain will be plated in silver, and will feature shades of purple, shell, and white. Purple Rain will be color #1062.


Color Style: Margarita

mariana spring 2016 margarita

Margarita color #1064 will feature bright shades of Pink and Blues, plated in Rose Gold.


Mariana Spring Will Feature Howlite Turquoise


mariana spring 2016 howlite turquoise

Some of Mariana’s collections will feature Howlite Turquoise, according to their Facebook page.


New Bracelet Shapes


mariana 2016 bracelets

In 2016, Mariana will be releasing new shapes for the stones in their bracelets. They will have new bracelets with Octagons, Ovals and Circles.


New Oval Bracelets With Minerals

mariana oval mineral bracelet

Mariana announced on their Facebook page that there will be a new line of oval bracelets that use minerals.


Color Collection Caprioska, #1066

mariana spring 2016 caprioska

Mariana’s Australia website featured the Spring color above, Caprioska. They confirmed this color for the US Spring Collection on their Facebook page


Possible Color For the US: Forever, #5087

mariana spring 2016 forever

We also spotted this on the Australia website; no confirmation of this in the US collection. Mariana usually has a neutral color, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this showed up.


Color Collection Mai Tai, #M48362 and Daiquiri, #7171

These two colors are also confirmed for Mariana’s Spring 2016 collection, but no images have turned up yet!