Mariana Serenity Blue Swarovski Jewelry



Hi folks! Today I wanted to do a review of 2 Mariana color ways that fit with Pantone’s 2016 color of the year: Serenity Blue. These are from Mariana’s Color Ways 2016 spring and summer collection. Now the collection is called Cocktail Hour. And it features different Color Ways that are inspired by Cocktail drinks that you would get at a bar. The 2 color ways to follow are probably my favorite Color Ways of 2016 spring and summer.

The Color Ways we’ll be looking at are called Periwinkle (1343) and Daiquiri (7171). They are really light and soft colored. And I think the most notable thing about it is that the hallmark color for it is a color called serenity, which is one of Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year. There’s actually two colors of the year this year, which is a little different. I don’t think Pantone’s ever done that before.

So serenity and rose quartz are the two colors for 2016. Serenity is a light, soft sky blue. And as you’re about to see, that’s the most dominant color aesthetic in the Mariana Serenity Blue pieces ahead.


Mariana Serenity Blue Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings


The first one is a Mariana Daiquiri cross necklace. They’ve had this style for quite a while but I like it because, it’s one of the more showy cross pieces that you can wear in a Mariana style. The style is N-5127. And as you can see, it’s a large cross and in the center it has like a five petaled, scalloped flower in the middle. I guess you could call it like a cherry blossom sort of style.

Again, the dominant color is serenity, which is Pantone’s 2016 color. Corresponding to Swarovski that would be Air Blue Opal. So you can see that’s the main color you see here. It’s in the petals of the flower and on the top and bottom crystal of the vertical part of the cross. The other colors in here that kind of add to it, are a denim blue on the left and right edges of the cross. There’s a small Pacific Opal in the center and what looks like a sapphire aurora boreal crystal directly below the cherry blossom.




Moving along, if you look up and to the left here. This is a Periwinkle necklace in the style N-3252, which is a very popular style to get a necklace. Can’t see all of it, I guess. So I could drag this down just a little bit just so you can get a better idea of the length. It’s a very nice necklace because it’s a good size. The crystals aren’t too large but they’re large enough to stand out and be really beautiful. And again, it has the same colors that I described to you before with the cross.But in addition, it also features what looks like a crystallite opal which is like a soft green to kind of go with the soft blue in the serenity color.




Then we have these Mariana Daiquiri earrings . And they’re style E-1190. And again, it’s just a chrysolite opal double stacked on top of an air blue opal Swarovski crystal. Silver goes really well with this collection, which is why I ordered most of the pieces in silver. You can get them in gold as well as you want. But I think the softness goes really well with the silver.



Next, you’e got the matching Periwinkle bracelet that goes with those earrings. And that style B-4252. Nothing that I can really say about the bracelet that I haven’t said about the necklace yet, other than as comes standard for this piece, there are three charms hanging off of the bracelet. You have the Mariana branded tag, a metal polished heart, and then just a simple Swarovski drop. These bracelets are eight inches long if you include the two rings extenders that go with it. So, you can kind of turn it into like a seven inch long bracelet if you clasp that lobster clasp further up on the bracelet.



Moving down here, we have some larger pieces in the Daiquiri collection. Down here, this necklace right there is style N-3084. And as you can see, it’s pretty different than the more simple designs. Again, the design focus is very flower heavy, kind of like that flower in the center of the cross that I described. In fact, this is the exact same link as you have in the center of that cross. So it’s a five petal scalloped flower like a cherry blossom. There are other floral designs here too. This looks like a ten petal flower shape that kind of has like curved edges on the outside. And then we have some circle shapes encircling smaller Swarovski crystals to go with it. Again, basically the same coloration. There is a different green that’s also included in this one and that would be kind of more like a peridot style green.



And next, you have a Mariana Periwinkle bracelet. And that bracelet is style B-4084. This is one of our most popular styles with Mariana. The crystals are large. Definitely compared to other ones, but it’s a great statement piece. It’s a great price for that many crystals. And the coloration on these bracelets are just beautiful. I can see why people like them so much. You’ll notice in this style also, that there are some more opaque crystals intermixed. You can see them on both of these. And these are Swarovski crystals as well. They’re just kind of more opaque, opalescent style crystal.


So that’s it for the review! I just wanted to give you a quick overview of some styles to look at if you want to wear some Serenity Blue! And if you’re shopping to match your jewelry up with the colors that Pantone has suggested, this is a great way to go. If you see any piece on here that you like, we have them all for sale at And if there’s a style that you like that you haven’t seen here, contact us and we can special order any Mariana piece that’s ever, ever been made to send it to you. If you’re interested in that, you can email us at and we can special order any piece for you. Have a great day!