Mariana Peace Jewelry



Today my review is going to be about Mariana Peace Jewelry, which is number 87280. Now, Peace came out most recently in the Fall 2015 collection but this is one that works for a number of seasons because it’s neutrally focused. As you can see here it looks great with either the silver or the gold. I tend to buy the silver more, but the gold does look very beautiful.

So I just wanted to walk through the color way and a couple of different designs. I’ll show you a couple designs that I haven’t done in videos yet so you can kind of just see the scope of Mariana.



So, let’s get started beginning from the right and moving to the left. The first Peace you see on the right is item N-52021/1. It’s an alternative style of the one on the left which is probably more common. This necklace has a long chain and its base pendant is the Mariana guardian angel pendant there which forms the centerpiece. From there there’s an ornate textured ring hanging below that which holds three different charms. And the charms here are a heart with a Star of David on it, an Israeli Hamsah hand with Swarovski crystals and then a small Swarovski drop.

The colors that you’ll see in the Peace collection are number one, jet, obviously jet back is a major focus of the color way for Peace. And then you have aurora boreale crystals. That’s where you see a lot of the pops of pink and blue color in those facets there. And then Swarovski pearls. And then a couple of these pieces are also going to feature moonstone but I don’t think there’s any moonstone on the one we’re looking at right now.



Moving to the left is N52021 and this is a very standard Mariana Peace. Again it has the guardian angel link there and then below the three charms. And the charms for this are a heart with a kind of like a European cross design, like a bas-relief I guess. And then you have a cross charm. It’s a vertical cross, kind of standard design with different Swarovski crystals encrusted within it. And then a Swarovski drop. So again that’s 52021.



And then moving to the left again, we have a Mariana sideways cross necklace. These are relatively new. I think they have probably been around for two years. But I really like it. It takes a pretty standard Mariana cross but it gives it a real modern flair. For one with it being sideways, also with just this cool chain. Mariana does such a good job with chains. They’re really diverse and interesting. These ones have Swarovski beads set in and really complex links like there’s a link kind of hanging in between there that’s almost like a swirly lightning bolt or something like that. Really beautiful chain. And that’s item N5517, if you want a sideways cross. And again this, you can get this stuff in any color way but this is the Peace color way.



Moving on, I’ve got a little bit more stuff for you. There we go. First off a couple standard Mariana bracelets. On the bottom you have the 4044 bracelet which matches up with the necklace 3044/1. And again those colors I mentioned before, you have jet, aurora boreal, Swarovski pearls, then this is the moonstone right there. It kind of, it looks similar to the pearl but it is actually a different color. Standard for bracelets. You have the three charms hanging there and then the two ring extenders. So you can wear the bracelet at a length of eight inches if you want to or you can kind of narrow it down to seven.



Then we have a really nice bracelet. This is the B-4000 design. It’s a very simple but very beautiful good price point, stacks well. So we really like that bracelet here.



Then moving on I thought I would show some interesting earrings and a ring. Start off with a ring. This is 7123 and if you take a look here you see it’s got the moonstone and then two layers, two horizontal layers of small Swarovski crystals. That is AB and jet, aurora boreal and jet. Mariana rings are all adjustable so it doesn’t really matter the size of your fingers. You can make it fit which is really nice. And then up above there, just a, just some interesting earring styles.



Mariana makes a lot of really unique earrings. We love them a lot and so I just wanted to show you a few of them that I think are pretty cool. The first one you see on the right is let’s see, 1028/2. And this one is almost like a peacock or a scale design sort of thing. I think it’s really beautiful. It really catches the eye and the crystals kind of pop out of it. There’s a three dimensional feel to the earrings that I think is really nice.

And I’d like to mention 1526/2. And this is just kind of a swirling design. We have a large crystal in the center with small crystals encircling and then you have eight like almost rings sort of spiraling around with some empty space in between. So I think those are really beautiful too.

Anyways that’s just a quick demonstration, explanation showing of different pieces of jewelry that you can get in the Mariana Peace collection which again is 87280 along with just some interesting Mariana designs. If you like any of these that you see, we carry them all at And if there’s something that you would like that you haven’t seen on a video or that you haven’t seen on our site, we can special order any Mariana Peace for you that’s ever been made. Thank you so much for listening and I hope you have a great day.