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Hi folks, this is Kyle from Enreverie! Today I’d like to share a blog/video review about Mariana On A Clear Day Jewelry. I’ve done a couple reviews about Mariana before, but I’ve never done reviews on entire Color Ways (at the time of writing this at least!) so I thought I’d do a few reviews just to give you a broad view of the different types of designs that Mariana offers in a specific color style.

So I decided it would be a good idea to start this off with Mariana’s most popular Color Way. Presenting: On A Clear Day! You can see why it’s the most popular, because the feature color is clear Swarovski Crystal.

If you’re not familiar with Mariana, they have been designing handmade jewelry since 1997, and everything they make comes straight from Israel. Mariana On A Clear Day jewelry has been around, as far as I know, since Mariana has been around. It shows up repeatedly in new collections that Mariana comes out with. In case you didn’t know, Mariana never actually retires a line, so occasionally if it fits in with the general style of a collection, then Mariana will bring back an old color way and reintroduce it into a collection.

On A Clear Day’s aesthetic just works for every situation. It’s perfectly neutral, the faceted crystals are just beautiful, and there are a lot of different options for the designs.

I’m going to walk through a couple of the most popular styles in this collection–anything that you see here that you like we have for sale at If there’s some specific style that you don’t see here, we can special order any item straight from Mariana and get it delivered to you. So look through the Mariana catalogs and let us know! You can see the Spring 2016 Catalog here. If there’s something you like, let us know and we’ll be able to get it for you.


mariana on a clear day necklace N-3195 001001 SP

So, I’ll start off with Mariana On A Clear Day necklace N-3195. This is one of Mariana’s larger necklaces; it is definitely a statement piece.

I’ll tell you each of the jewelry styles just in case you want to reference them later. So this would be Mariana style N-3195 and Color Way style 001. This is one of their more popular necklaces, because it features their guardian angel style accent. So this necklace here will match with any guardian angel necklace or guardian angel bracelet that you already have in your collection. It has large crystals, but because it’s Swarovski, it’s not too heavy. It’s definitely a statement piece that you can wear when you want to show off a little bit.


mariana on a clear day earrings E-1506 001001 SP6

Next you’ll see some matching earrings that can go with the necklace above. These are earrings style E-1506. You’ll see it shares the same crystal as the standard crystal piece on the necklace.


N-5212_1 001001 SPamzN-5212_1 001001 SPBamz

Moving on, you’ll recognize this again as what I described as the “Guardian Angel Pendant”. This necklace is a new one from Mariana and actually rather than having a Guardian Angel on the back, they have a Star of David. This one just came out in Mariana’s spring 2016 collection. Very nice! And that’s style N-5212/1.

Actually, before I get too much further, I mentioned earlier that the number for the Color Way On A Clear Day is 001, but there are a couple different variations that you will see if you flip through a catalog.

If you see something that is designated as 001001, that means that across the entire piece it is just going to be the clear crystal. And you’ll also notice that some items are designated 001AB. That means that they include Swarovski’s color Aurora Boreale. So that’s the difference just in case you see the different item numbers!


mariana on a clear day earrings E-1190 001001 SP6

Next you’ll see this smaller pair of earrings, Mariana item E-1190, and that’s just a small double stack set of earrings. It will work with anything you see here but it’s a little bit daintier, but again the same round faceted cut Swarovski crystal. It is also an inexpensive piece! 


mariana on a clear day necklace N-3138 001 SP

Moving along, you’ll see another large statement On A Clear Day necklace. This one is style N-3138. This one is very iridescent in style, because the base color for this piece is Mariana’s Aurora Boreale. This one has a lot of floral-like elements to it: some 6 pedaled flowers, something that almost looks like a compass rose, and a lot more ornate elements than some of the earlier necklaces.

This one has a lot more ornate designs going through it and there’s also a little bit more black coloration antiquing to the silver in certain parts–and that’s to show detail. It’s the technique that Mariana uses so that different pieces can have more texture than you might be able to show if it’s just like a flat silver collar.


mariana on a clear bracelet B-4138 001 SP

Next you’ll see the matching bracelet for this set, B-4138. It features the same links and it does have a couple Mariana guardian angel designs, but the base style is that ornate, slightly floral feel.


mariana on a clear day necklace N-3252 001 SP

Now you’ll see one of Mariana’s most popular necklace styles. This one is the N-3252 design. There’s also a bracelet called B-4252, which I didn’t have lying around, but this is an extremely popular piece because it’s price accessible and nice size. Not too small, not too large, and it catches flight beautifully with these round cut designs.

If you look at it at different angles, even though it is a clear crystal, Swarovski designs their crystals in such a way that it catches light like a diamond. So there are tons of georgous facets to this design. I wish the camera could pick it up better but hopefully you can catch it with the movie above.


mariana on a clear day earrings E-1037 001001 SP6

Moving on, you’ll see a set of earrings that match with the necklace above. These earrings are style E-1037. Very popular double stack design.


mariana on a clear day bracelet B-4040_4 001001 SP

Here is something a little bit different. I wanted to add in a few things that could display some of the alternate designs that Mariana offers. So you’ll see this one is a rectangular design. The base feature is octagon cut swarovski crystals, and then there are some additional X shaped accents.


mariana on a clear day bracelet B-4195 001001 SP

Here’s another large bracelet. This one is B-4195. It has a cool crystal charm hanging off, which is a little bit unique for Mariana.


mariana on a clear day cross bracelet B-4520 001AB SP

And then I’l finish with some of Mariana’s cross designs. This bracelet on the bottom is style B-4520. It is very very popular for us! It is just a sideways cross, very dainty, super light weight, and not showy but something you can add with other bracelets or on its own just as kind of a more laid back beautiful lightweight feel.


mariana on a clear day cross necklace n-5247_1 001 sp

And then there’s the matching necklace. Mariana does have sideways cross necklaces too but this one is a vertical design with a small crystal drop and the necklace is style N-5247/1.

There you go! That’s an overview of Mariana On a Clear Day jewelry. We always have this style available at Enreverie regardless of what season it is or what new collections have come out. You can see all our On A Clear Day jewelry here. This is always a staple in our collection for obvious reasons because it’s just beautiful, it’s neutral, it works well for every day wear, for dressing up, for weddings. It’s just a beautiful Color Way. Mariana, On a Clear Day, style 001.

Remember, if there’s anything you see here that we don’t have you can special order it with us and we can get it for you straight from Israel in 4-6 weeks. Let us know in the comments what your favorite Mariana style is!