Mariana Moon Drops Jewelry

mariana moon drops jewelry title


Hi folks, this is Kyle from Enreverie, and today I wanted to talk about Mariana Moon Drops Jewelry. Moondrops is a really popular collection. It’s been around for quite a while and its item designation is 216-3.


As you can see, its focuses are aquamarine Swarovski crystal and light topaz, and that’s pretty much it. Occasionally, you’ll see a little bit of champagne mixed in, but that’s the whole color way. It’s very simplistic but very beautiful and it just, I don’t know, it seems to really catch people so it keeps on coming back.


I just wanted to show you a couple traditional Mariana styles with this one, as well as some matching pendants and earrings.



mariana moon drops cross pendant

So, starting off on the right, you’ve got the Mariana Moon Drops cross with a Swarovski crystal drop. This is N-5247/1 and it’s got a very simple link chain. Just simple, small crystals. Kind of a medium length pendant necklace.



mariana moon drops rectangle pendantmariana moon drops rectangle earrings

Then moving on to the left, we’ve got Mariana’s small rectangle, with an encircling set of crystals around it. This one has a pretty interesting chain. It’s for the most part, a small link, but then it’s got these kind of swirl elements intermixed in. Which makes it really beautiful and the matching earrings work really well for this one. They’re identical in size to the pendant. The necklace is 5040/3 and the earrings are 1040/1.



mariana moon drops circle pendant

Moving on to the left, we’ve got Mariana’s circle ring pendant necklace. This one’s really pretty and depending on the color way that you get, the design of the circle might be a little bit different. It could be a full circle of just one color or several. But this is what it looks like for Moondrops and it will always be the same on the earrings. This is a box chain design for the necklace and again, it’s a moderate length. The earrings are identical and they’re lever-backs.



mariana moon drops locket

And then for the last pendant necklace, we have a Mariana locket. It’s a working locket so you can put a photo or a little treasure in there. This chain is a double chain with some bar elements that are slightly hammered. This necklace is N-5007.


So, that’s just a quick look at some Mariana Moon Drops Jewelry. This is a really popular color way. It has been around for a while. Again, the color way is 216-3. You can get any of these items at–here’s a link to all the Moon Drops we have in stock. Also, if there’s a Mariana piece we don’t carry that you would like, we can special order it for you! Just send us an email to, and we can get it hand made for you in Israel, and sent your way in 4 to 6 weeks. Thanks, and have a great day!