Mariana Midnight in Paris Jewelry

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Hi folks. This is Kyle from Enreverie, and this post is going to be about Mariana Midnight in Paris Jewelry. This is a slightly older color way for Mariana. It featured in Fall and Winter of 2011, in the Dancing the Night Away Collection, but I really like it a lot so I keep ordering it! I keep expanding it out, because I just think it’s a very elegant color way that you can wear in a lot of different situations.

Midnight in Paris jewelry has kind of a black, really faint blue, and a champagne sort of feel to it. And the Swarovski Crystal colors that you’ll see in here are Jet; you’ll see Champagne; you’ll see some Denim–that’s a deep blue color–there’s sort of like hematite color that appears; and then occasionally you’ll see a blue AB, which you’ll notice of some of the pieces I show in a bit.

Mariana Midnight in Paris Necklace



We’ll start with Mariana Midnight in Paris necklace style 3252. This is a standard necklace style from Mariana. The focus is the crystals, so there aren’t any accents or other designs. It’s just the beautiful faceted crystals completely forward on the piece. It’s also not particularly large or small. It’s a good size.

Mariana Midnight in Paris Earrings



And here is a pair of earrings that would go with the necklace. These earrings are style 1010. They’re the exact same round crystal and then kind of like a little mini three-crystal triangle set below the center piece.

Mariana Midnight in Paris Bracelet



And then Mariana Midnight in Paris bracelet 4252…this the matching bracelet for the necklace and earrings.

Mariana Midnight in Paris Styles



Here I just want to show you a couple different looks that you can get with Midnight in Paris. As you can see, I’ve got a couple in here that are silver. Here you’ll see the blue Aurora Boreale crystal that I was talking about. It’s kind of popping in each one of these, and that gives it a little bit of a blue steel, electric look to it.

Here we’ve got a six-pointed star with some sun rays poking out in between each one, kind of giving a compass rose effect.



And here are some rectangle earrings with encircling crystals.



And here’s a unique piece: it’s a heart dangle earring with kind of a larger crystal up top supporting the dangle.

So, that’s a brief look at Mariana Midnight in Paris jewelry from the Dancing the Night Away Collection in 2011. We carry all of these pieces still, and I’ll keep expanding this one as long as people keep buying it because it’s one of my personal favorites. All of these pieces are available at Enreverie, and if there are any other Midnight in Paris items that you’d like, send me an email, and we can get them for you!