It’s Like A Mariana Jewelry Sale! Permanent Price Drops Announced

Mariana Jewelry
Happy Sunday everyone, I have some BIG NEWS from Mariana to share.
Mariana NEVER discounts. So any kind of price drop is like finding a white unicorn–I’m saying it’s wonderful!
Mariana has announced a permanent price drop on some of their most popular bracelets and necklaces:
It’s like a Mariana Jewelry sale! We’ve already dropped these prices on our site, so you can take advantage of them today!
Click a style above to see everything we have in that style. And remember, you can special order ANYTHING by emailing us at
One last thing: welcome to all our new readers! We received some cool exposure from blogs this week featuring our Bullet Earrings by Little Black Gun. We’re glad to have you guys aboard!
Stay Lovely!