Mariana Jewelry Fall 2015 Collections

The air is crisp and cool. The morning sun casts long shadows as I sip my 3rd pumpkin spice latte. My FAVORITE season is here!

And with the season comes Mariana’s new fall line!

Fall and Winter’s 2015 Collection: The Silk Road. This collection makes me think of near eastern dusty roads. It makes me think of turbans and the mysteries of the east. The pieces are ornamented with sumptuous greens and blues, and lots of earthy topaz and brown colors. My particular favorite of the season is Pomegranate, a black and white opaque display with a lovely peachy-red swarovski crystal.

Below are all of Mariana’s Fall 2015 collections, with descriptions and images (work in progress)!



Style Number: 1040

Colors: Pacific Opal, Chocolate Brown, Topaz, Tiger Eye

Suggested Plating: Matte Rose Gold


I love the neutral beauty of the Serai collection. The crystals in these pieces closely resemble Pantone’s Fall 2015 color of Desert Sage, a very neutral green. This style evokes the color of sand, and thoughts of Ancient Egypt.



Style Number: 1041

Colors: Caribbean Blue Opal, Royal Blue, Blue Zircon, Chrysolite Opal

Suggested Plating: Silver


The Zhang centerpiece colors are meant to evoke a Chinese or Turkish blue. It reminds you of china glass, with its white porcelain and striking blue designs. It’s equally reminiscent of the blues of Izmir, tall minarets and the Mediterranean Sea. Wear this style in Silver.


Summer Palace

Style Number: 1042

Colors: Chrysolite Opal, Pacific Opal, Turquoise, Light Peach

Suggested Plating: Gold/Silver

mariana fall 2015 summer palace earrings

mariana fall 2015 summer palace necklace

Summer Palace has lovely soft turquoise colors, and look rich and warm in gold plating. Think Ancient Greece, and a Mycenean Summer. Plus, check out this cool dagger style pendant! This is new to Mariana, and is sure to be a big hit. Very geometric and modern!



Style Number: 1043

Colors: Apple Green, Peridot, Peridot AB

Suggested Plating: Gold/Silver


Oasis displays an olive green throughout. This is a great statement style!



Style Number: 1045

Colors: Jet, Padparascha, White Opal, Light Peach, Light Silk

Suggested Plating: Gold/Silver

mariana fall 2015 pomegranate ring

mariana fall 2015 pomegranate necklace

mariana fall 2015 pomegranate earrings

My personal favorite of this season. These colors can be worn throughout the year, and they represent Pantone’s Cashmere Rose color. Try matching it with a deep purplish blue for a fall look, or even a cream-colored orange!


Cherry Blossom

Style Number: 1046

Colors: Pink and Pink Opal

Suggested Plating: Gold/Silver

mariana fall 2015 cherry blossom bracelet

mariana fall 2015 cherry blossom necklace

Another lovely neutral displaying Fall’s Cashmere Rose trend, this one is far more pink than the Pomegranate style. You can wear this straight through Fall and Winter to February!



Style Number: 1047

Colors: Shades of Orange

Suggested Plating: Gold/Silver


Saffron’s gorgeous oranges are very seasonably fall. Orange is quite popular this year, and the Saffron look is an obvious hit for October and November.



Style Number: 1049

Colors: White Opal, Shell, Grey Opal

Suggested Plating: Silver


The lovely silk neutral is a mix of soft white and clear colors with a twist–a hint of Fall’s Dried Herb and Desert Sage tones! Wear it with almost anything.



Style Number: 1050

Colors: Pink, Topaz, Pale Green

Suggested Plating: Silver

mariana fall 2015 orchid bracelet

mariana fall 2015 orchid earrings

Orchid is a lovely mix of Fall pinks and greens. The dominant centerpiece is an olivine type mineral stone!



Style Number: 1051

Colors: Apple Green, Robin Egg Blue, Forest Green

Suggested Plating: Silver

mariana fall 2015 jade earrings

mariana fall 2015 jade necklace

Remininscent of Ancient China, Jade features lovely vibrant greens and a Caribbean Blue Opal type crystal!



Style Number: 1052

Colors: Apple Green, Padparascha

Suggested Plating: Silver


We love the Padparascha red that comes out of this green set. It makes you think of the red blooms that will come when Winter is over! And of course the colors are very Christmas-y.



Style Number: 10444

Colors: Cyclamen Opal, Dark Topaz, Red, Brown

Suggested Plating: Rose Gold

mariana fall 2015 cinnamon bracelet

mariana fall 2015 cinnamon bracelet 2

mariana fall 2015 cinnamon necklace

Cinnamon is perhaps the most unique of the collections this year, and one that truly makes you think of “Silk Road.” Its spicy colors make you think of  a Turkish market. It makes you think of Frankincense and Myrrh, of nutmeg and wealth.



Style Number: 1048

Colors: Forest Green, Fuchsia

Suggested Plating: Rose Gold


The fall colors in Tigris make you think of vineyards and emeralds. This is a very rich, deep color set, and works wonderfully for a more reserved look.



Style Number: 1053

Colors: Shades of Sea Green and Turquoise

Suggested Plating: Matte Rose Gold


Serene’s soft blues make you think of a Winter’s ocean, like Scandinavian waters leading to the North Sea.