Sneak Peek: New Styles for Mariana Jewelry in 2016

2016 is here, which means Mariana Jewelry’s Spring collection is right around the corner! We did some hunting for new styles this year, and we found some treasures! Below are a few new styles for this year.


3 Petal Swirls

mariana earrings 3 petal swirl


Charm Bracelets

mariana charm bracelets


Earrings with Movement

mariana earrings with movement


Eye Shapes with Accents

mariana eye shapes with accents


Larger Rectangles

mariana larger rectangles


New Ring Shapes

mariana new ring shapes


New Teardrops

mariana new teardrops


Off-Balance Rings

mariana off balance rings


Ornate Pieces

mariana ornate


Pearly 2 Layer Necklaces

mariana pearlescent 2 layer necklaces



mariana scarab


South American Styles

mariana south american styles


Excited! We’ll be visiting Mariana┬áin 2 weeks, and ordering all kinds of new 2016 styles. Yay!