Mariana Grace Jewelry


Hi folks, this is Kyle from Enreverie! I just wanted to do a quick video on Mariana Jewelry’s Grace Colorway, which is color 1017.

This one came out in Spring and Summer of 2014 in their Icons Collection. I wanted to feature it just because I personally really like the greens in this collection. I’ll walk you through some of the colors that you see here, they’ll look familiar to you.

First we have the crystal like opal color, as well as the darker pacific opal color. We have peridot, we have capri blue, and those are the main colors. There are also some AB aurora borealis accents inside most of the pieces.



So, I’ve got three different bracelet types here, first we have the 4084, which is pretty classic style. It features a lot of floral elements. There are¬†many¬†elements in this one. We have a five petaled flower, kind of like a cherry blossom, as well as a round design with encircling layers.



Then, here we have style 4474, which is much more of just a plain crystal focus. I guess not plain, becuase there’s nothing plain about Mariana! But there aren’t any accents in this one. The entire aesthetic of this piece is the round swarovski crystals.



Then, we have a smaller bracelet, this is the 4018. I’ll call this a medium size Mariana bracelet. This also has the cherry blossom style flower as well as another five petal design. There’s some hexagon accents, as well as an accent that kind of looks like a butterfly; or I guess you could call it a four-leafed clover if you like.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a look at the Grace Collection because I like it a lot. We keep on reordering it, because it’s a very beautiful green color. Thank you very much for listening. If you like any of these pieces you can get them at and if there’s anything that you’d like that you don’t see at the store, we’d be happy to special order that for you. Thank you, and have a good day.