Mariana Forever Jewelry


Hi, folks. This is Kyle from Enreverie. I have another Mariana jewelry review for you and today is going to be a review of the Forever collection which is collection number 5087.

This colorway is new, part of Mariana’s 2016 spring and summer collection which is called cocktail hour.

Now as I’ve said before, Forever doesn’t exactly correspond in name to the other cocktail hour colorways. Most of them are named after different cocktails but this was a neutral that Mariana decided to bring into the collection and it is absolutely beautiful. A lot of the colors for Pantone’s spring are very soft and delicate, almost pastel in nature and so the forever collection actually fits in really naturally with that because not only is it neutral but it’s also very opaque and soft. So I think this colorway is going to be very popular and it’ll be sticking around for quite some time.



I’ll go ahead and start talking about something different colors you see so you can get a sense of the aesthetic that Mariana’s going for with this neutral design. Looking here, we’ll start off on the right and take a look at this necklace. I’ve set these up so you can kind of see things in terms of matching pairs but I’ll walk through them one by one.

So this necklace is Mariana item N-3084 . It’s a very popular style. It’s a larger crystal so it’s good for statement pieces and as you can see here this colorway is very different than other Mariana colorways in the sense that it’s very mineral and opaque focused. If you look up here at the top there’s like almost a marbling to some of these items and that’s because Mariana makes use of stones like a white aventurine mineral. That’s what you see here with like the marble look. They are also some very opaque whites here and you call this a white shell and then lots and lots of use of white opal Swarovski crystal. That’s this color here. It’s still opaque but it is, it is faceted and you can see through it a little bit.

Going around, that’s the main theme of this set but you you will see other colors. There’s moonstone in here. There’s obviously clear Swarovski crystal, even some pearl, so basically the whole thing holds to an aesthetic of a neutral opaque mineral like design and you’ll see that throughout each of these.


We have the matching bracelet on the inside of this necklace and that’s B-4084. Again, you’ll see a lot of the same colors that I just described and this necklace and bracelet set is mostly floral patterned in nature, a few floral accents, and then just the general round Swarovski crystals.



And then on the inside you have earrings E-1037 in the forever collection which again is 5087. That’s a clear crystal on top of that would be a white opal Swarovski crystal.



Moving along in the center here, you see a beautiful cross up top and this is a fairly new cross designed especially for us and you’ll see it has a lot of the same thematic color elements that I described earlier. It’s a very ornate cross. It’s a little bit heavier on the design and etchings compared to some other crosses that might be more crystal focused so you see there’s a lot more detail in this cross pendant necklace along with the fact that it has a long chain. It’s a double chain necklace. I think that’s going to be a very popular piece.




And then looking off to the left we have another necklace and bracelet set which is very popular. It should be very popular for the forever collection too. It’s necklace style 3044/1 and this one is, it tends to be smaller Swarovski crystals but with larger accents as compared to the main crystal pieces. So this is a rounded design. It has a lot of encircling layers of smaller Swarovski crystals and it has the curb chain instead of just kind of a connected crystal link like you might see on this where the links actually kind of slide on a straight silver bar. And then on the inside you have a matching bracelet which is B-4044 and again the same elements here, a lot of the opaque crystal colors. You’ve got the shell and the moonstone and some of the clear colorations that you have in the other ones and just like most of the bracelets it comes with three different charms, the Mariana branded tag, the small Swarovski drop and then the polished heart design.

So this is the forever design by Mariana. Again, its new as of 2016 spring and summer. I think it’s just got some beautiful coloration and it’s likely to be a colorway that is going to re-emerge in later collections so this will be one that is probably going to be popular for a long time. Thank you for listening to the video. We have all of these items for sale at and we can also special order anything you need. Just send us an email at Thanks. Have a great day.