Mariana Elizabeth Jewelry



Hello, this is Kyle from Enreverie, coming to you with another video of Mariana Jewelry. This is a video about the Elizabeth Color Way, which came out in spring and summer of 2014 in their Icons collection, and Elizabeth is Color Way number 1022.

As you can see, this Color Way is all about purple and I’ll walk through some of the colors that you’ll see here. The main focus is the Provence Lavender, and actually a Vintage Rose, which I guess you would call pink. But there are other elements in here to, there’s a lot of cyclamen opal, you’ll see tanzanite in some of the pieces, as well as some stone accents in Elizabeth, which I think are a very nice touch.



First, we have N-5108 which is a Fleur-de-lis necklace, very popular for Mariana. It’s got kind of a patina among the silver, giving it depth and texture, as well as dotted accents.


mariana-elizabeth-silver-art-deco-bracelet-4510-1022_grandeHere we have B 4510, which is an Elizabeth bracelet that features rectangle crystal and on two sides, some round faceted cut Swarovski Crystals, very small ones.



And here we have a Mariana bracelet featuring some hexagon designs, again with the stone, and also circular designs with stone layers going around. You would call that a medium sized Mariana bracelet.



And then just a couple earrings to finish it off. First we have some, kind of shield earrings, they’re 5 layer earrings, somewhat small, very light weight but complex, ornate and beautiful, and again with some Provence Lavender and some Vintage Rose coloration.


mariana-elizabeth-silver-round-drop-earrings-1190-1022And then below that the E-1190’s, which are small, double stacked Swarovski Crystal earrings. So, that’s just a quick look at the Elizabeth Collection, we have it for sale at, and if there’s any Elizabeth piece you see there that you don’t like, or that you like that we don’t have, then send us an email and we’ll special order it for you, it’ll be made in Israel and sent your way in 4 to 6 weeks. Thank you so much, have a great day.