Mariana Dynasty Jewelry


Hi folks. This is Kyle from Enreverie coming to you with another Mariana Jewelry review. Today I want to review a Mariana color way called Dynasty, which is color number 4401. Dynasty is a color way that we picked up in the past fall, and I absolutely love the way this one looks with yellow gold plating. I’ll actually start describing it with this piece because it has all the dominant colors, and it’s a little bit easier to see; but I definitely have something to say about this piece.



So, let me begin with this, which is item N-3084. This is the large statement version of Mariana’s necklaces with some large floral accents to it. The thing that sets Dynasty apart from some of the other collections is, number one, its use of a dark deep red. This is Swarovski Ruby, and then that deep color is offset by a soft greenish blue, which would be the Pacific Opal crystal. There are a couple other crystals intermixed just to give it complexity. There’s light topaz in there…let’s see…those are the main ones. I guess there’s a few denim accents inside there, but the red is really what pops in this one. It gives it this elegant, royal, almost like a Byzantine-style look to it, which I think is really beautiful.



Here¬†you’ll see the matching bracelet, which is B-4084. A lot of the same kind of flower styles in there and then a lot of the circular elements too.



This is a style that Mariana came out with I believe fall of 2015. It’s a very new style, and it’s this little pendant that’s like a dagger or an icicle shape. They also have matching earrings in this that we carry too, and I this this just such a trendy new element in the recent Mariana collections. It’s sold really well for us since I started carrying it, and…yeah…I just like the real modern aesthetic to it mixed with the timelessness of some small Swarovski crystals.



Then I have just a couple other bracelets that are a little bit smaller in size. This one is B4504, and this is kind of on the smaller end of Mariana’s bracelets. There are some slightly larger flower elements and then some engraved flower petals with crystals in the center. This is just such a beautiful bracelet to pick up at a small price point.


The same thing can be said about this one up here which is 4003…small crystals but just really beautiful. I like the large petal accent that comes on this bracelet. It just gives it, you know, a little more statement than just a plain bracelet and…really beautiful.

So, again this is the Dynasty collection from Mariana, color way number 4401. If you have any questions send me an email at, and we carry all of these pieces and more at Thank you. Have a great day.