Mariana Coco Jewelry

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Hi folks, this is Kyle from Enreverie. Today, I wanted to do a quick video and writeup on the Mariana jewelry Color Way “Coco”. The name Coco is inspired by Coco Chanel, and it first appeared in the Mariana Spring Collection in 2014. That collection’s theme focused on influential women in design and in pop culture. You can see our Mariana Coco jewelry for sale here.

I think this is a really notable design, because it works well with 2016 spring’s colors. As you can see, the main focus of Mariana Coco jewelry is a lot of soft colors, without one specific color taking precedence over another. Some of the colors you’ll see: light amethyst, light sapphire, jonquil, which is a yellowish color (which I think is great, because we don’t see too many of those), light rose, and aurora borealis.

So there’s a smattering of different spring colors, which is nice, because a lot of Mariana’s Color Ways do focus on one specific color or two specific colors.

Coco’s number designation is 1015.

For this article, I’m going to walk through a couple pieces that we have in the store that I think are interesting.


mariana coco rectangle bracelet

To start, we have this rectangle bracelet, which is B-4040/4.

This piece has basic faceted crystals with several accents. There are rectangular accents that kind of form a bit of an “X” with the jonquil color, and then a standard rectangle shape–kind of a smaller rectangle with encircled crystals forming a rounded square design around it.


mariana coco art deco bracelet B-4013/1 1015

Next is a Mariana Coco bracelet that I think is really interesting. It’s a very ornate piece, and I don’t really know how to describe the central piece in it. It makes me think of an octopus! You could also think of it as four spires shooting up. It’s a very Art Deco style design.

It has a little clip clasp instead of a lobster clasp, and it has got four different links. You’ve got one link that’s composed of the crystals, one that is Swarovski pearl, and then you’ve got a double ring link as well as a standard link chain that is kind of textured.

You also have several Swarovski pearls hanging down from the main element as a charm, and then a three-dimensional polished heart. This is item number B-4013/1.


mariana coco cross bracelet B-4520 1015

Next you’ll see a very popular piece from Mariana. It’s just a really dainty sideways cross! Not too much to say about it that I haven’t said in other videos/posts, other than it’s a very modern style, a good price point, and it’s a great seller for us! This is item B-4520.


Mariana coco flower pendant necklace N-5346 1015

To finish, I have a few pendant necklaces that I just have to share! This Mariana Coco necklace above is a flower shape, and it is kind of a light rose-inspired feel, so none of the blue you see in other Coco items. This kind of gives it a different feel, but it’s still definitely Coco!


mariana coco ornate necklace n-52009 1015

I’ll finish with a more ornate Mariana piece. It’s a reverse teardrop, and it’s encircled by a cameo portrait style setting with some vines kind of growing up out of the top. This one has a really pretty chain. For the most part, it’s a standard link style chain, but then it has ball accents interspersed along the chain. It’s a very long necklace, and the style of this one is N-52009.


Hope you enjoyed the overview of some Mariana Coco jewelry! This is a fantastic Color Way for Spring 2016! So what do you think? Any other Color Way you’d like previewed? Let us know in the comments!