Mariana Champagne and Caviar Jewelry

mariana champagne and caviar jewelry



Hi folks, this is Kyle from Enreverie. Today I wanted to do another Mariana Jewelry review for you, this timeĀ about the color way Champagne and Caviar.

This is a color way that’s been around for a long time with Mariana, and they bring it back semi-regularly because it’s a very popular color style for them. “Champagne and Caviar” is item 3911. So that’s the color way designation if you want to look it up, or you might see it also written as 391100. It works really well in either yellow gold plating or silver plating. The silver and gold have kind of a different feel to them, but they both look very nice.

Mariana Champagne and Caviar Gold Necklace

mariana champagne and caviar gold necklace

I’ll start talking about this one just because it’s nearby, and that way I can give you an idea of types of colorations that you’ll see and some of the standard features of the color set. So, this necklace you see here is in style N3044/1, and that’s a very popular style in Mariana necklaces. It’s kind of a small to medium crystal size with larger sized accents, so it’s a good necklace size.

If you look here the colors that you see in the Champagne and Caviar collection are primarily this pearlescent color here. It’s a Swarovski Pearl, so it’s not like an actual pearl out of an oyster, but it’s a crystal that Swarovski makes that is meant to mimic a pearl. And then this clear coloration here that you see directly to the left of that bottom pearl. Also you’ll see a lot of crystal color called Champagne. You might not be able to see it quite as well with this one because of the way it’s catching the light, but if you look around here you can see a lot of colors that are sort of like a softened white wine or champagne look, and that’s Swarovski Champagne.

So for this 3044-style necklace, you’ll see it’s a fairly long necklace and it has like an accented curb chain towards the end along with the link extender there.

And then for this necklace also there are some circular accents. You haveĀ a three-layered small Swarovski crystal circle, and it looks like it also includes topaz in the coloration. And then you have these other six point circle decorations. Those are kind of standard for that style.

Mariana Champagne and Caviar Gold Bracelet


For our next Mariana Champagne and Caviar jewelry piece, you’ll see the matching bracelet has kind of the same shapes going on and the same coloration. The bracelet is item B4044.

Mariana Champagne and Caviar Gold Earrings


And here is a pair of Mariana Champagne and Caviar earrings that matches with this necklace and bracelet, and that’s item E1190. And you’ll see it’s got the Swarovski Pearls on the top and then stacked below is a larger, clear Swarovski crystal. And that’s in a yellow gold plating.

Mariana Champagne and Caviar Silver Necklace and Bracelet

mariana champagne and caviar necklace


And then, above that you’ll see the same necklace and bracelet but in the silver plating. And I just wanted to include this to kind of outline how nice this looks in either yellow or silver plating. So, it’s exactly the same colorations, but it’s much softer than the yellow gold. So, again, same necklace here. It’s N3044/1 but with the silver plating and then the bracelet is B4044 with the silver plating to it.

We can provide you with any type of Champagne and Caviar jewelry that you like. And you can see all our in stock Mariana Champagne and Caviar jewelry here.

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