Mariana Blue Lagoon Jewelry

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Hi folks, this is Kyle from Enreverie and this video is about Mariana Blue Lagoon Jewelry.

Blue Lagoon came out in spring and summer of 2013 in Mariana’s Ambrosia collection and the item number for Blue Lagoon is 1205. This is a good collection to pick up if you are a big fan of turquoise or if you like more mineral-focused color ways.  

I want to do something different in this post; I want to show you small, medium and large for Mariana’s bracelets just so you can get a bit of a comparison on sizes. That will help me talk about the color way as well.


mariana blue lagoon bracelet large

So we’ll start with the large one and I’ll walk you through the color ways you see here. There are a lot of them actually. You’ve got aquamarine here, you’ve got obviously a lot of turqoise, this looks like maybe a chrysolite opal, I’m not totally sure about this one actually but it kind of looks like a lighter version of a pacific opal. Continuing on you’ve got carribean blue and an aurora boreale: so a really diverse color set making it a very complex bracelet. Other than that you know that this is one of Mariana’s popular bracelet styles. It is B-4084 and I would call this one of the larger types of bracelets that you can get.


mariana blue lagoon bracelet medium

Next we have the medium size. Colors are essentially the same. This is B-4252 and a more moderate sized bracelet.


mariana blue lagoon bracelet small

Then moving on to the smaller one, this is the B-4003 bracelet and again the same colors. The only difference with this one is that there’s also the petaled flower design on the edge of the links.


mariana blue lagoon fleur de lis earringsmariana blue lagoon rectangle earrings

Looking above, I’ll show you a couple earrings and a necklace for Blue Lagoon as well. You’ve got the rectangle up top which we’ve seen in other videos with a fleur de lis, which I’m not sure if I’ve shown or not. The Fleur de lis is a very ornate style. It’s got a patina to show detail and there are some dotted accents intermingled in the design.


mariana blue lagoon cross necklace

And let’s finish with a popular Mariana necklace style, 52021. This has the guardian angel main centerpiece and then 3 charms hanging from the bottom: A heart with a cross, a standard European cross, and then a Swarovski drop.

That was a quick look at Mariana Blue Lagoon jewelry, color way number 1205. Thanks for reading, have a great day!