Liz Palacios 2015 Fall Jewelry

Our Liz Palacios Fall jewelry is in!! We absolutely love the elegance of Liz Palacios jewelry. Always full of sparkle, these pieces are perfect for when you want to look nice! Fall 2015 is no exception: Liz Palacios has put together a color palette with some excellent neutrals and some lovely bold colors. Let’s take a look!



liz palacios 2015 topaz earrings

liz palacios 2015 topaz earrings 2

liz palacios ring 2

Topaz is the main neutral Liz Palacios has chosen for their Fall 2015 collection. We love the soft, champagne look of this color. Mixed with antique gold plating, these earrings have a rich, gilded look. We particularly like the dangly teardrops–so many facets and some nice movement!



liz palacios 2015 blue earrings

liz palacios indicolite earrings 2

I’ve said it before, but I love when blue is vibrant! Indicolite has so much boldness. These earrings make a great statement, and are slightly softened by some green tones. The Liz Palacios studs with aurore boreale crystals around the outside really draw attention to the blue, while giving lightness to the piece. A vibrant blue is often in style, and you can certainly wear these into Spring 2016!



liz palacios 2015 peridot earrings

liz palacios peridot earrings 2

Liz Palacios has chosen a peridot green for their Fall 2015 collections. These will look great as part of your holiday outfits or as a Christmas gift! Again these pieces use Aurore Boreale crystals as accents.



liz palacios turquoise necklace

liz palacios turquoise earrings

Turquoise seems to never go out of style. Teal/Mint/Sage has been one of the most enduring popular colors I’ve seen, so it’s no surprise Liz Palacios has included this in their Fall 2015 styles. The charm cluster necklace is a cute way to get a pendant with some movement and structure.



liz palacios tanzanite necklace

liz palacios tanzanite ring

Tanzanite is a beautiful color, and a very popular gemstone. Liz Palacios has chosen the elegance of this color for Fall, bringing back a reminder of Fall 2014’s Radiant Orchid color.┬áThe purple combined with the antique gold filigree on the ring has a lovely baroque influence.



liz palacios padparascha earrings

liz palacios padpar earrings 2

Last on our list of Liz Palacios’ 2015 Fall jewelry is the boldest color of the season. These crystals, called Padparascha or Astral Pink, have a lovely complexity. The earrings above change color depending on the angle you view the crystal–from a yellowish orange to red to purple! How fun! We love these earrings for a day you want to be daring!


We really like the colors Liz Palacios has chosen for this season. What’s your favorite color in their collection? Let us know below!