Bullets, Bullets, Bullets!


We are so proud to announce that our very own ENREVERIE line is now on the site 🙂

ENREVERIE is a line of jewelry I design myself at home. The name is sort of a dreamy, frenchy translation of the phrase In Your Dreams (which is our website of course!). I’ll give you the formal description below:

The idea of “Imagination” is the inspiration behind the ENREVERIE line. The kind of whimsical, beautiful happiness that you find in moments of peaceful daydreaming. There is a sense of exploration and discovery, finding something that is greater than yourself, and truly spectacular.

Sounds pretty good, huh? Well I really do mean it.

I think the bullet jewelry idea is a fun one. They look super cute on the ears, and there’s a kind of “superstar, kick-butt woman” vibe to them. Gun culture is a big deal here in the south. Hunting is a major pastime in South Carolina, and many many people also have concealed weapons permits. I have been so surprised to discover how many different types of people conceal weapons! I have had several jaw-dropping experiences with friends (“Wait, YOU have a gun???”).

So it’s not just a gun-nut thing. It’s a strength thing. An independence thing. There’s a lot to hate about guns, but I would also argue that they are symbolic and mythical now. Just think of all the meanings they evoke. The Wild West. Our military defending our nation. Our police force. Hunting. Guns are kind of wrapped up in who we are.

So anyways, that’s why I think the idea of bullet jewelry is fun. Now onto the specs!

ENREVERIE bullet earrings start with empty shells. They’re little cylinders, like mini cans of coke! Some are made of brass, and others are brass with a plating of Nickel over them. Any ENREVERIE bullets you see that look silver are nickel plated. Some people do have nickel allergies, so be aware of this. But I use a surgical stainless steel earring back on every earring, so allergies shouldn’t be an issue. They are available in a few calibers: 40 S&W (smith and wesson), .3579mm, and .38.

I top off most of the earrings with a genuine Swarovski crystal. I seriously adore this look. The crystal is placed over the primer hole, and I swear it looks like it just belongs there. The crystal atop the metal is really stunning–pictures don’t do it justice, this is a freaking cool look!

Finally, I have earrings cut wide and cut thin. Some people like one, some people like another, it’s just a personal preference.


38 bullet earrings swarovski

40 bullet casing jewelry clear

9mm bullet earrings blue

40 bullet earrings rose

40 bullet earrings blue

9mm bullet earrings

I hope you like them. I’m giddy over how they turn out every time. If you want a conversation piece, seriously pick up a pair in your favorite color!