Announcement: The Definitive Guide to 2016 Jewelry Trends

Def Guide 2016 Jewelry trends

Bum ba da duuuummm!!!! *celebratory music*

Hi everyone, I am happy to announce that we have created a BEAUTIFUL e-magazine: The Definitive Guide to 2016 Jewelry Trends.

I could not be more pleased with this 34 page spread. I’m guessing around 100 hours went into the making of it, many more if you count all the research from visiting trade shows, reading magazines, scouring blogs, etc.

Here’s the gist: we share the main trends we anticipate will dominate the 2016 jewelry world. Each section has many close up photos, model shots, and content explaining the intricacies of each style–including how to wear it, color combinations, etc!

And the final big reveal, we are offering it for FREE!!!

All we ask is for an email address. Just click here, put in your email address, and we’ll send you a link where you can download the guide.

I thought of giving a little synopsis of the whole guide, but I decided it would be better to let the guide speak for itself. So check it out! Again, download the guide by visiting the link below and putting in your email address:

Have a great week!