5 Etsy Jewelry Boxes We ADORE

Jewelry boxes are great. They satisfy my deep longing for organization. They have all sorts of little drawers and nooks and hooks and hangs that I can use to store everything just right. They are an actual furnishing that I can use to decorate my room. And they’re pretty!

I thoroughly recommend having a good, sizable jewelry box. The more separate storage areas the better. It keeps all your treasures in one place, and it lets you keep certain pieces separate from others, so you don’t get marks on weaker metals or scratches on softer gems. I strongly recommend you arrange jewelry by type (fine and fashion for instance), so that if you take off your engagement ring before you sleep or shower, you don’t end up destroying some beautiful jewelry because of scratches.

As you know from my previous spotlight post, I adore Etsy. It is a treasure trove of neat finds and I visit it every day for work, research and finding gifts for my family and significant other. In Your Dreams even has a line on Etsy–our ENREVERIE bullet jewelry. So I thought I would share a few of the jewelry boxes I’ve come across that I think are a perfect combination of utility, art, and furnishing. Below, in no particular order, 5 jewelry boxes on Etsy that we adore!

1. BlackForestCottage: Jewelry Box With Ring Storage

black forest cottage jewelry box etsy

They say it’s the small things that count. I flipped through the reviews of this organizer by BlackForestCottage (and other organizers by them), and the praise shows the care this company puts into each piece. The most common praise I came across? That it was packaged beautifully. This is so important for a company to get right. A beautiful jewelry organizer turns into an ugly one as soon as a piece of it is damaged in shipment and it is no longer presentable. Other praises: the smell of the wood and the ring holders! I personally love the contrasting dark and light woods in the one pictured above. I also love all the room for bracelets. This organizer comes with a lot of options for wood, as well as the metal types for the hooks.

2. CreativeSpiritGlass: Mermaid Stained Glass Jewelry Box

creativespiritglass jewelry box etsy

This little trinket box by CreativeSpiritGlass is so cute! I love the opacity and slight iridescence of the blue-green glass at the top. It’s complex and multicolored, yet so soft and calming. It reminds me of Pantone’s Biscay Bay color swatch, which I outlined in our review of Pantone’s Fall 2015 Colors. Nautical themes are very fashionable right now, and there are so many other furnishings that support the theme, that this box can find a home atop a modern bedside table pretty easily. It certainly could in one of my rooms! I personally love nautical themes because I am a Californian by birth, so this little box for rings and things is just right for me!

3. HuckleberryVntg: Mint Green Shabby Chic Jewelry Armoire

huckleberry vintage etsy jewelry armoire

I am a sucker for anything that looks windswept. Huckleberry Vintage’s shabby-chic armoire could have been sea-blasted on a salty dog’s vessel, and for that reason it has won my love. Areas have been painted with crackle paint to finish the lovely effect. The top opens up to a mirror and green satin dividers for all your goodies, and the 4 working drawers look great for storing your larger things. Honestly this is the type of furniture I would buy even if I didn’t want to use it for anything. The fact that it is a lovely armoire is just delicious icing on the cake. I love this!

4. Oak Hill Vintage: 1950s Farrington Jewelry Box

oak hill vintage etsy jewelry box

I am a big fan of vintage jewelry boxes, and this one from Oak Hill is a winner. This one is very timely, because 1950s and 60s fashion is back in style. The light pink on the outside is actually very similar to Pantone’s Cashmere Rose, which is one of Fall 2015’s signature colors. I like the 3 levels of storage, and the simplicity of the design. Even the deep pink satin is a callback to another era.

5. Krtwood: Modular Jewelry Box

krtwood etsy jewelry box


Krtwood jewelry boxes are so CLEAN. The pieces exemplify a Nordic attention to detail, a modern beautiful utility. The boxes are modular, so you can order pieces to make one that is tall or short, depending on your needs. The piece above is made of gorgeous cherry and maple wood. You can choose either brass or nickel for the handles, and you have many options for the inner lining.

Hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we do. I am thrilled at what a creative community of makers we have at Etsy. I’m proud to sell some of my own items there, and LOVE when I find a new artist to gawk over. Pick up one of these jewelry boxes, and put some of our jewelry in it!