2015 Jewelry Trends: Tassels

Earthy, drapey and mysterious is the name of the game for 2015 fashion. Gone is form-fitting and tight this year. Instead, you want to focus on clothing and jewelry that emphasizes verticality and ambiguous form. You will see many more maxi skirts, sometimes in almost military color. Draped cardigans are in, and there’s something you’ll see on these–tassels! These fun accents are going to be all over this Fall, and there are tons of ways to sport them in your jewelry!

The Classic Tassel Earring and Neckace

teal tassel earrings trend

teal tassel necklace trend

The basic fringe tassel look is totally in. If you’ve bought any turquoise colored tassel jewelry in the past few years, this is a great season to wear it. Try pairing this with a desert sand colored blouse, or a dark blue. A tassel necklace makes a great layering element when you use it as the bottom piece, and it can be worn long, even to the belly button.

Metallic Tassel Jewelry

metal tassel trend fall 2015

metallic tassel fall 2015 trend

Metal tassel with little chain are all in this year. Oftentimes these pieces will form a drape. The movement and swing in these pieces is adorable, and you can really emphasize the movement by wearing dangle earrings with this design. Given all the metal, note that these earrings can be fairly heavy!

Dark Toned Tassel Jewelry

black plated tassel earrings trend

dark toned tassel earrings trend


Fall 2015’s earth tones are perfect to make a look with deep, dark color. Black will be in this season, as well as dark blue (with a hint of purple to it). Go all mysterious and dark by adding some black or blue to your tassels!

Large Chain Tassel Jewelry

large chain tassel earrings trend

multicolor chain tassel earrings trend

Go big or go home! While dainty jewelry is clearly the winner of this year, there is always room for some statement in your life! Big chains are an obvious choice for your tassels, because big chain bracelets and necklaces have been so popular. Note the mixed metals in the bottom pair of earrings–a great touch!

Southwestern Tassel Jewelry

southwestern tassel earrings trend

When you think of fringe, it’s hard not to think of cowboys! We’re not telling you to put on a cowboy hat, but mix some southwest in with your tassels. It’s a natural choice, since southwestern designs feature so many geometric shapes.

Let us know if you are wearing any tassel jewelry this season! Is there anything we missed? How are you showing off the look?