2015 Jewelry Trends: Mismatched Earrings

Here’s a trend I never expected to get so big: mismatched earrings! Formerly this was the fashion expression that only belonged to the rebels, the hardcore, the girls who wore safety pins in their ears. But now it belongs to everyone who wants to be a little different! The key to mismatching earrings is this: keep a theme. Sun and moon. Eggs and bacon. Flower stud and flower dangle. You want to be expressing something specific with your mismatched earrings–let the 2 elements tell a bigger story than you could have said with a matching pair!

squirrel acorn earrings mismatched trend 2015


CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Pair up a squirrel and his acorn and that’s what your get. This one’s nice because it fits in with the nature theme of this year, but it’s also just wonderful. You don’t need to be a nature lover to wear this. It’s going to get comments either way. This is a perfect example of the matched pairs theme I was describing above. When you think of an acorn, you think of a squirrel!



caffeine mismatched earrings trend 2015

This is one for the true nerd! Two parts of the molecule for caffeine (everyone’s favorite drug), broken off and put on different ears. Talk about telling a story! I think people would ask about this one whether it were mismatched or not, but this is a cool way to express your nerdy side with a mismatched trend.

yes no mismatched earrings trend 2015

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…Simple words on jewelry have been a hit for a while, and matching opposites is a perfect way to mismatch a pair of earrings. Tired of dignifying his question with an answer? Next time just turn your head and point 😉

owl and moon mismatched earrings trend 2015

Here’s another nature-oriented trend–the owl and moon. The owl theme has persisted in popularity for almost 5 years now–how couldn’t you love it? So keep it going by bringing it into 2015 with this mismatched pair.

ziba mismatched flower earrings trend 2015

One more to show how mismatching doesn’t have to be different elements. Here we have the same charm–a black flower in gold. But one is a stud and the other is a bar dangle.

Don’t stop here–use it as inspiration! If you’re feeling really bold, try using swarovski crystal studs with a different color for each ear. Or try wearing an earring in just one ear, and leave the other free! The trendiest way to do this is with an earring sleeve, but a single stud is acceptable too!