2015 Jewelry Trends: Geometric

So math isn’t your strong suit? Don’t worry about it! You won’t need to explain your geometric jewelry this year unless you’re wearing a shirt that says “What’s Your Sine?”

With this look, you can pick pretty much any shape you like. In fact, it’s getting to the point where your geometric shapes don’t even need to be standard. Wear a really steep triangle or a curved square–it’ll look great! Our guess is this trend is going to be around for a while, so feel free to buy some nice stuff for the long run. Below we’ll highlight some of the styles we see the most on the streets and on the runways.

Geometric Circle Jewelry

circle necklace geometric trend 2015

circle ring

circle earring

circle ring silver

Odds are you have circle jewelry lying around already, so this is a great place to start for a geometric style. Dainty metal designs are the most popular currently, but you can use any round shapes, like the classic round crystal shape above.

Geometric Square Jewelry

square earrings geometric trend 2015

square necklace

square necklace rounded

Square jewelry is currently not as popular as other shapes like circles and triangles, but I predict they will be just around the corner! The square is such a balanced form, and it can be striated and combined to create lots of other interesting shapes. See how the rounded square in the last picture has 9 circles inside it–the square is a great piece for mosaic-like effects.

Geometric Triangle Jewelry

triangle necklace geometric trend 2015

triangle ring

triangle necklace

The triangle shape is the star quarterback on the team. This is the shape you see more often than ever. It plays a huge role in southwestern design, which is huge right now. It is also the key shape in the chevron style. You can’t go wrong with triangles!

Geometric Hexagon Jewelry

hexagon bracelet geometric trend 2015

hexagon necklace

hexagon ring

The hexagon shape is very popular this year. Oftentimes you’ll see this grouped together to create a honeycomb effect.

Alternate Geometric Jewelry Shapes

rhombus earrings geometric trends 2015

bar necklace

diamond necklace

trap necklace

With geometric jewelry, pick a shape you like and go with it–weird ones work just as well! While you have obvious choices like a diamond shape, you can also try something like a rhombus or a trapezoid!