2015 Jewelry Trends: Dragonflies

Quiz time: Think of the thing that lands on your body all throughout the summer that causes you to freak out. Need more hints? We cover our bodies in funny-smelling repellent to avoid them (side note: why isn’t there such thing as boy repellent?). How about one more: It’s one of the big fashion trends of 2015. BUGS!

Some of us are shaking our hands in the air and screaming “Whyyyy?” But these nature themed designs are much more tolerable than their creepy crawly counterparts. You may find they don’t bug you at all (puns finished, I promise).

2015 is all about earthiness, a return to nature. Here’s what Pantone says about this season: “The colors are evocative of a love for nature and a timeless appreciation for warmth and security, which are conveyed through naturally inspired colors that remind us of things that are real and protective.” In our post about Pantone’s Fall 2015 Colors, we talk about how earthy neutrals like Dried Herb and Desert Sage are at the forefront of the color palette. We shouldn’t be scared of looking boring–we should wear these neutrals with confidence and accent them with a wilder color on the spectrum like a bright teal, soft orange, or vivid purple.

With all this talk of nature, it makes sense that this year’s style makes liberal use of elements like animals and insects. And the bug of the year is dragonflies. With their graceful tails and wing pairs, the insect looks lovely as a curved or straight design. Below we’ll show you some pieces you can add to your wardrobe for an earthy-inspired look!

Large Pieces That Focus On Wings

anne koplik dragonfly necklace 2015 trends

anne koplik dragonfly earrings 2015 trends

For starters,┬áthese two pieces from Anne Koplik demonstrate why dragonflies are in. There really isn’t anything creepy-crawly about the design. The dragonfly is simplified into its basic elements. The pairs of fairy wings are what the eye is immediately drawn to. This is the core element of the dragonfly shape. They are always outspread, and often comprise most of the material of the design. These dragonfly wings are made with a soft pink enamel, similar to the cashmere rose trend of 2015. All the other centerpiece gems are rose opal, and the piece is made with an antique silver plate to make this piece truly subtle.

Dainty, Understated

dainty dragonfly earrings 2015 trends

Dragonfly earrings can also be dainty and simple. These earrings are a balanced design. They are clearly dragonflies, but with no element stepping forward. The colors are soft tones with a focus on topaz, with a little purple and clear to imitate the sheen of real dragonfly wings. The wings and tail are so reserved that you can even focus on the beauty of the leverback on top. You probably didn’t notice this in the other pictures above because the design was meant to draw you to the wings.

Realistic Dragonflies

realistic dragonfly necklace 2015 trends

While most dragonfly jewelry is going to be stylized, you can find some realistic designs. Note how on this piece, there are actual eyes on the metal, as well as ribbing along the tail. The wings are also anatomically proportioned like a real dragonfly, and designed to be the focus. I would recommend this piece for Spring 2016. The spectacular pinks and greenish yellows of the wings provide a “pop” just like blooming flowers!

Curved Tails

dragonfly curved tail earrings trends 2015

While most of the designs are very straight, some pieces are curvy, with no hard edges. These tend to draw less attention to the dragonfly and more to the crystal colors and whatever other jewelry you are wearing. These soft green dragonfly earrings are all about nature, and a little less about the dragonfly.

Dragonfly Statement Necklace

dragonfly statement necklace 2015 trends

You can also find larger, more complex pieces to really make a statement! This necklace above is just beautiful. The long dragonfly tails and dangling crystals add some irregularity to this charm necklace to keep the focus on the dragonflies. Large crystal rounds make this piece glittery and pretty!

Bet you never thought insects could look so good! Dragonflies are a great way to incorporate nature themes into your look. The shapes are dainty and pretty, they work great with crystals to add glitz, and they pair well with neutrals to add some pizazz!

Anne Koplik is the queen of dragonflies, hence why I’ve referenced her work so much in this post. We carry tons of Anne Koplik dragonfly jewelry on our site. Check out our Anne Koplik collections to see some more!