2015 Jewelry Trends: Dainty Jewelry

Now don’t get me wrong: statement jewelry is always going to have its place. Who can resist having a few big, bold necklaces or chunky bracelets to shout out your style to the world? But this year, it’s all about subtlety. 2015 isn’t about screaming out your look. It’s about a certain mystique that makes the viewer want to get a little closer.

Dainty jewelry can take a lot of forms. The stuff you see on pinterest is mostly the geometric jewelry, or the chevron pieces, but anything small and unassuming is open court for your 2015 look. Let’s take a look at some subtle ways you can show your true colors.

Dainty Geometric Jewelry

o necklace dainty jewelry trend 2015

o ring dainty jewelry trend 2015

This is probably the dainty jewelry you’ve seen the most. It’s the most recognizable en vogue element of 2015 fashion–dainty geometric styles! They work wonderfully as tiny, understated fashion elements, and there is literally an endless variation you can choose from! Circles, squares, and, most famously, triangles! These elements are all great for stacking (for rings or bracelets) and layering (for necklaces).

Dainty Jewelry With Crystal Accents

mariana rectangle necklace dainty trend 2015


mariana rectangle bracelet dainty trend 2015


liz palacios stud dainty jewelry 2015

Adding a splash of color to your look is a great way to add accent to the neutral tones you will be wearing this Fall. Small, understated Swarovski Crystals add shimmer without overtaking your whole outfit. It’s best not to overdo it with big pieces. Find¬†jewelry with tiny little crystals that are almost small enough to be overlooked. Also avoid going for the big, bold colors. Get soft ones that add a refined, elegant feel to your look. Bonus points if you get some earth tones to give your look a natural feel.

Dainty Charms and Symbols

michal golan eye bracelet dainty trend 2015

mariana cross bracelet dainty trend 2015

anne koplik clover necklace dainty trend 2015

There are certain symbols that are so ingrained in our culture, they will always be deeply meaningful no matter what trends come and go. Symbols like hearts and crosses are important to us, and never go out of style. They do adapt to trends though. Find dainty versions of your favorite symbols to represent them in style this year. They should be reserved and cute looking. Ideally, you want your symbol piece to be able to match up well with the other dainty jewelry you wear. If it doesn’t look good with your other jewelry, it may be too overstated or bold.

Dainty Nature Jewelry

anne koplik nature dainty jewelry trend 2015


leaf ring dainty nature jewelry trend 2015


michal golan dainty leaf earrings trend 2015

2015 is all about a return to nature, so why not mix up nature elements into your dainty jewelry? They’re pretty easy to find. Leaves, vines and trees are all great ways to bring some “earthiness” into your look, as well as animal and insect elements, like the dragonfly trend of 2015. Anything nature-oriented is fair game, just try to keep the colors toned down, unless the rest of your outfit is very neutral. If you want to spice up your neutral look, go for a bold light purple, a 60s style orange (think creamsicle), a vintage pink, or a vibrant teal.

Keeping It Simple

angelique de paris bracelet dainty trend 2015


curved bar bracelet jewelry dainty trend 2015

bar necklace dainty jewelry trend 201

mariana simple bracelet

You really don’t need to overthink this trend. Find something really simple and dainty, and you don’t need special elements. The point is to keep it understated. Find a couple of your favorite smaller bangles, a little strand necklace with no pendant, a cute little earring, and you will be on point. Keep it small, and you have got 2015 fashion in the bag!