2015 Jewelry Trends: Chevrons

Chevron jewelry has taken 2015 by storm. They are everywhere! Designers have gotten really creative in employing this classic symbol in interesting ways, on all kinds of media. Jewelry is a really natural extension of the chevron design, because it makes a simple, interesting break from the natural curve of a necklace chain or the straight line of a ring viewed from the side.

The symbol has been around for a very long time. Pottery from as far back as 1800 BCE shows chevrons as art. In fact, arguably the oldest piece of artwork we know about is a chevron design (a zigzag carved on a mollusk shell a LONG time ago)! The Spartans had a chevron on their shields when they went to war. Tons of herald symbols and family insignias feature chevrons. And just look at the military–their ranking systems use chevrons all over! It’s a symbol chock-full of meaning and history.

We love the chevron as an extension of the geometric jewelry trend of 2015. Below are some of our favorites in the form of rings, necklaces and earrings!

Basic and Stackable Chevron

chevron ring 2015 fashion trends

First, the basic single chevron ring. These are beautiful by themselves, and at their best when they are stacked together. Three of these stacked together look amazing, and you can mix metals and put a silver one in the middle for a great effect.

Simple Layering Chevron

chevron necklace 2015 fashion trends

The basic chevron necklace works well as a layering piece with something drapey either below or above (or both) to draw attention to the angle of the chevron. You can wear it alone as well as a dainty piece when you want to keep it simple.

Horizontal Triangle Chevron

chevron triangle earrings 2015 fashion trends

chevron triangle necklace 2015 fashion trends

Chevrons can also be filled in, so they are basically triangles. These are occasionally a single triangle, but more commonly “stacked”, either side to side like a zigzag (like above) or stacked one on top of each other, like a military insignia.

Vertical Stacking Chevron

triple chevron ring 2015 fashion trends

triple chevron ring deco 2015 fashion trends

Here is the chevron effect stacked vertically. As you can see in the first picture, chevrons do not have to be a harsh line, they can be wavy as well to create a softer effect. But the hard “V” shape is the most common chevron shape. When the Vs are stacked vertically, it creates an art deco style look.

Military Chevron

triple chevron military necklace 2015 fashion trends

double chevron military necklace 2015 fashion trends

Chevrons can be stacked vertically to create a military effect as well. Generally this is a more horizontal angle with a little curve thrown in.

Simple Triangle Chevron

triangle ring 2015 fashion trends

triangle necklace 2015 fashion trends

tiny triangle necklace 2015 fashion trends

Finally, chevrons can be a simple triangle design. These can be presented rightside up or upside down, and can be filled or just an outline. In the bottom image, you can also see how well chevrons and triangles work as a dainty piece–dainty jewelry is another very popular trend in 2015!

We love the chevron symbol and all the diversity this style shows! It can really fit all sorts of situations! Again, check out our site for all sorts of chevron and triangle designs!